Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day (February 20th)

Although the world of science and engineering is an endless realm that holds nearly all of the keys to the mysteries of the universe, it is still a field that is largely dominated by males, from the beginning of youth through the end of higher education. And while school programs and teaching approaches across the nation have been formulated to draw in a large crowd of girls to this arena, these attempts have still fallen short of creating an equal field for members of both genders. 

This February though, we all have a chance to open up the doors to engineering for girls around the nation. And if you want your little girl to uncover the secrets held by math and science, spend ‘Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day’ using these fun new kids toys to help your daughter excel.

Build a Room from the Ground Up

If your child loves to play with colorful toys, and is excited about the prospect of creating an entire new playhouse from scratch, then you should make sure they have the Basic Roominate when this special day finally arrives. This wonderful construction toy for girls lets your daughter develop her STEM skills by putting together a variety of different colorful pieces to create a room of her own.

The fun doesn’t stop there, though: once the structure is erected, your daughter can use the basic wiring and circuit tools in this fun girls building toy to connect the functions to a power switch, setting in motion a fan, an elevator, a merry-go-round, or even a plane propeller.

This brilliant engineering toy can open your daughter’s eyes to a whole new world of science!

Read Along with an Engineering Toy

Of course, there is a chance that your daughter may love reading books much more than she enjoys playing with girls building toys. But if that is the case with your little girl, don’t stop trying to develop her STEM skills – instead, bring her home the GoldieBlox and the Parade Float construction toy for girls to give her the best of both worlds.

This fun and interactive girls building toy comes with a set of pieces that your daughter must put together into a working float using her spatial and critical analysis skills.

This creative engineering toy comes with more than just a set of plastic pieces though. In fact, to help encourage your daughter to play with this engineering toy, the makers included an educational children’s storybook to accompany the activity. The kids’ book chronicles the adventures of Ruby, Katinka, and Goldie, three friends that must put their heads together to save the day. And while reading about their quest, your daughter can use her own STEM skills to become the heroine of her own adventure at home.

Introduce Your Daughter to Engineering This February

The world of math, science, and engineering is a monumental universe that needs brilliant minds to uncover its deepest secrets. And this month, you can help give your daughter the key to this world with a few fun new engineering toys for girls.


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