It’s a Glamboree!

Here at Imagine Toys®, we are celebrating the end of the summer in style by hosting our very own Glamboree! Don’t know what a Glamboree is? It’s simple – our Glamboree is a chance for little girls of all ages to pick up a few fun accessories and outfits that will dazzle all of their friends. It’s our fun way of celebrating the world of beauty and fashion.

If you haven’t yet had the chance to check out our Glamboree, we suggest you head on over and see what you can find. Here are a few things that you can pick up when you join this giant fashion party:

Tons of Kids Fashion Accessories

What little girl doesn’t like to outfit herself with beautiful and colorful kids fashion accessories? With this in mind, we are offering so many different beautiful fashion accessorize that your daughter will love. At our Glamboree she can pick up a bead set, a kids nail salon studio, a mini beauty bag, and so much more that will provide her with everything she could possibly need to be a fashion diva. We are even providing a tattoo kit (washable, of course!).

Kids Jewelry Making Set and Other Learning Toys

While we love to offer children toys that they can use already, we are also huge supporters of having kids learn how to craft their own activities to help them achieve a sense of self-sufficiency, as well as to increase the reward of the finished product. On that note, we are now offering a kids’ jewelry making set, a perfume science lab (where your little girl can use chemistry and a business sense to create the perfect scents), and a basic loom where she can weave a new accessory for all of her friends to see.

Best of all, we also have the new Loopdedoo, a brand new arts and crafts set that lets your daughter make friendship bracelets in a whole new way. Pick this up today, and she can start making friendship bracelets to give to her friends during the holiday season.

Loopdedoo Necklaces Kit available at

Sweet Outfits to Play Make Believe

Beyond just kids fashion accessories, the new Glamboree is also home to a few fun kids outfits that your little girl can wear during make believe. We have a Cinderella princess dress to help her feel like royalty, and a Sleeping Beauty dress to help fuel her imagination and get lost in her own creativity. These are the perfect outfits to wear during pretend play, and will keep your little girl looking dazzling the entire time.

And to go with this, you can even find a kids make up set, with which your little girl can learn how to do her own makeup. She’ll feel like a grown up after spending an afternoon with this fun arts and crafts set for kids.

Come and Join the Glamboree!

Don’t let this party pass you by without joining in. Stop by and look for all of these great items at more at this summer’s Glamboree!


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