It’s Okay Baby, Little Momma is Here

From their very youngest years, little girls quickly develop a sense of nurturing and kindness towards others. Girls of all ages often love to take care of living things, whether they be pets, plants, or even other siblings. In fact, girls that have younger siblings often want to play an integral part in helping out with raising the youngest.

If you have a little girl of your own, you may want to do your best to develop this sense of nurturing in order to help your little girl become the most compassionate person she can be, and to help her feel the satisfaction of taking care of something of her own. And at Imagine Toys®, we may have the perfect toy this month that allows your daughter to become the little momma of her very own beautiful baby.

Let Your Daughter Cuddle Up Today to a Beautiful Baby Doll

There is no better way to help your daughter explore her nurturing soul then by letting her take care of her very own make believe baby doll. While a doll may not have the same needs as a living being, through pretend play your daughter can take on the role of mother and caregiver, tending to each and every one of the doll’s needs.

And for an adorable baby doll that your little girl will love, bring her home the new Calin Charming Pastel pretend toy today from Imagine Toys®. This beautiful toy may look just like a regular doll, but it’s anything but normal. The Calin Charming Pastel pretend toy has a soft and cuddly beanbag body that your little girl can nestle up to when she gets tired, and can take to her crib when she falls asleep. This cute baby doll even closes her very own eyes when it’s time to take a nap!

And best of all, this cute pretend toy baby doll comes dressed in a cute pair of pretty pink pajamas, and her sweet vinyl skin is vanilla-scented. This week is the perfect time to pick up this bean bag baby doll for the little girl you love.

Your Daughter Can Take Care of a Child of Her Own

Of course, your little girl may love the idea of cuddling up to her very own pretend play doll when she lies down to sleep at night. This doll can keep her company when the lights go out, and can be the first thing that she wakes up to in the morning.

Beyond that though, the new Calin Charming Pastel can be the perfect toy for your little girl to take care of throughout the day. She can make sure the doll is well-rested, fed, and happy.

Bring Home a Beautiful Baby Doll for Your Baby Girl

If your girl loves playing with dolls, then she will love the new Calin Charming Pastel from Imagine Toys®. Pick up your very own today and get ready for some make believe play with your daughter.

Calin Charming Pastel

Calin Charming Pastel


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