Why We Love Janod Toys

Virtually every parent knows that it can often be difficult to find the perfect toy for your growing children. Many toys are educationally based, others are colorful, and some may even be incredibly interactive – yet few ever achieve the perfect balance of all of these attributes.

That is, few ever did until the emergence of Janod, a French toy manufacturer that specializes in both fun and function with their children’s delights. Here are a few reasons that we can’t get enough of this great new company:

There’s a Toy for Everyone

Does your toddler love the idea of having their own rocking horse in the playroom upstairs? Is your little one still fascinated by playing with wooden toy building blocks? Or do your kids prefer dollhouses, moving vehicles, or even creative musical instruments?

If any of these desires sound like the wants of your children, then you may be pleasantly surprised by what Janod toys have to offer. This wonderful toy manufacturer produces an extremely vast array of items, giving you and your family a wide selection from which to choose.

Education is on the Forefront

Of course, when picking out new kids toys for your little ones, it is important to focus on the potential enjoyment factor the children will get out of using them during playtime. That said, finding a kids toy that also focuses on education can truly be a miracle. Educational toys can subtly teach your little ones about numerous different topics in the world, all while eliciting an afternoon of smiles.

And with all of the available Janod toys, you will be pleased to note that each one has an educational aspect that is geared towards the growth and development of your kids. From wooden building blocks, to owl clocks, to even workbenches for your budding architect, this set of great learning toys will act as the perfect addition to playtime for the children.

They Are Fun and Colorful!

On the flip side, though education toys may be wonderful for the future of your child, many of these learning toys are bland and drab, and fail to capture the attention of children. And no matter how functional a toy may seem, it is impossible to utilize its full potential without your child on board as will.

Owl Stacker and Rocker available at ImagineToys.com

Once again though, this will never be a worry with one of the magnificent creations from Janod. This incredible kids toy manufacturer understands that a child’s excitement and involvement is key, which is why they have designed vividly colorful and interactive kids toys that will brighten up the entire playroom. Each learning toy looks like a masterpiece of art, and all of these brilliant items are sure to be a hit with children of all ages.

Make a Change to Playtime with Janod Toys

This week, show up to playtime with the kids with a toy they will love. Surprise them with a brand new learning toy from Janod, and let the fun and learning begin!


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