Help Bring Outdoor Play to Every Child

Playing and having adventures in the great outdoors is one of the most important aspects of a child’s growth and development throughout their youth. Outdoor play is extremely healthy, it helps children remove themselves from indoor distractions, and it even helps them grasp larger concepts about the world around.

And with the efforts of the national non-profit organization KaBOOM!, you can bring the outdoor games to your child’s backyard, all while providing a new opportunity for others around the country. So this week, pick up a new outdoor games essentials kit from KaBOOM! and get ready to head outside together!

What a Child Needs for Outdoor Fun

Of course, there are so many things already present in nature that can contribute to loads of outdoor games and fun for hours. From trees to climb, sticks to toss, and trails to explore, the great outdoors are full of excitement and intrigue.

But if you want to make sure that your child has a blast outside when the weather gets hot, make sure to supply them this spring and summer with the new Go Out and Play! Essentials Pack from KaBOOM!, a comprehensive outdoor games kit that they are sure to love. This great essentials kit comes with a durable bag to carry all of their new things, a couple boxes of sidewalk chalk to bring out the arts and crafts genius in your little one, a rubber playground ball that can be used in a variety of games, two jump ropes to hop around with a friend, and a plastic flying disc to toss around across the backyard. All of these great items can be used together for countless days and afternoons of outdoor play, and are a must in your summer toy collection for the child that you love.

Go Out and Play! Essentials Pack from

The Importance of Sharing Outdoor Play with Others

Naturally, you want your own child to experience the best things that life has to offer. They are the most important thing in your life, and you want to show them this by supplying them with toys and outdoor games to keep them happy.

Unfortunately though, not every child in the country has parents like you, and many children are often denied the luxuries and comforts that they truly deserve.

That is why it is time to support the national non-profit organization KaBOOM! This great institution builds playgrounds across the country, works with individual communities, and provides other resources to help give children the true childhood that they should have.

And by purchasing something in the Go Out and Play! Collection, such as this great new essentials kit, you are giving your own child something they will love, and helping to share the wonders of outdoor play with children in the United States.

Go Out and Play with Your Kids

With the warm weather upon us, it’s time to turn off the TVs, set down the cell phones, and open the door to the great outdoors. And to make sure you all have a blast together, bring with you this great new essentials pack for a summer filled with fun.


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