5 Activities for Kids at Weddings

Weddings can be a wonderful time to celebrate love and happiness, but the joy of the occasion is usually lost on children. With nothing fun to play with, a long ceremony to sit through, and strange foods on the table, a wedding can be a tough event for kids to sit through. But with the right supplies and a little bit of imagination, you can turn a wedding into an enjoyable event for the entire family.

On The Hunt

If the bride and groom don’t mind a few wandering children, try to set up a scavenger hunt around the area to entertain your kids. Write down a list of all of the items that you hid, and draw a boundary area so they don’t stray far from the event. Each time they find a new item, have them report to you so you can check it off the list. Include a prize at the end for finding all of the items, and give clues as to where each one might be.

Examples of items can include pieces of chocolate, stickers, small toys, or even stuffed animals. Make sure your children know what they are searching for, and watch them run around with glee during their hunt.

Say Cheese!

A wedding can mark the most important event in the bride and groom’s lives, so why not have your children capture the moment on camera? With the Sticker Factory Camera your child can take snapshots of memorable moments, or even use the recording function to take whole videos.

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Once the pictures or videos are taken, they can use the added software that allows your children to preview and edit the work to their liking. This kids camera also comes with supplies to print the pictures into stickers, supplies that can commemorate the wedding in a way your children can enjoy.

The ABCs Of Love

Why not turn the wedding into an educational activity? Bring your child’s favorite picture book, and let them sit in a corner by themselves or with a few friends and practice their reading skills.

If you have time, search for an interactive book that plays sounds and recordings as your child turns the pages. With a book that talks and makes noise, your children can entertain themselves for hours with only minimal adult supervision.

Color Away

Another great way to have your child enjoy the big day is by bringing along an empty coloring book for them to fill. Pack a set of crayons, colored pencils, or other non-messy supplies, and let them pick their favorite pages to fill with different hues.

If the bride and groom allow it, see if you can set up a small corner of the event designated for arts and crafts. Cordon off the location, and allow the use of watercolors, clay, and any other supplies you have. Have your children create a masterpiece to commemorate the event – just make sure they wash their hands afterwards!

Fun And Games

If there are other children present at the event, have them play together by providing them with a fun, child-friendly game that they can handle with little supervision by adults. This could include small puzzles, finger puppets, glow sticks, or any other small toys that your children will want to share. Find a section of the event to have them play, or even designate one table as the “game table” and require them to check in and out the toys they use. Keep it a safe distance away from the main event so as to not bother the other guests.

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A Day For All

If you have a wedding coming up and don’t know what to do with your children, don’t fret. These five fun activities for kids will ensure that everyone young and has a good time during this precious celebration of love.


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