10 Things Your Kids Can Learn from Martin Luther King Jr.

As we approach another birthday of the late Martin Luther King Jr., we are given the opportunity to teach our children about the hard work, dedication, and eternal symbolism associated with this incredible individual. He was a hero for civil rights, and an inspiration to us all as human beings. Here are ten simple things you can teach your children about the great Dr. King:

1. Beauty Comes in Every Color

Above all, Martin Luther King, Jr. spent his life fighting to achieve equality for everyone, no matter the color of their skin. Point out to your children the beauty of individuals, regardless of their race, and how everyone has the right to be treated equally.

2. Everyone Deserves a Vote

Although your children may be too young to cast a ballot, the probably understand the basic idea of having a vote for something they want. Make sure to remind them of MLK’s struggle to given everyone this beautiful right.

3. Violence Is Unacceptable

While many of his contemporaries resorted to attacks, Martin Luther King, Jr. was one of the only icons in United States history who eschewed violence and instead only used his words.

4. The Truth Is Important

During his time as a civil rights icon, Martin Luther King, Jr. spent time pioneering the importance of truth and equality. Try to incorporate this theme in learning activities for your kids.

5. We Need Peace

MLK’s ultimate goal is that peace would exist on Earth. A simple kids history lesson about this topic can help them understand the importance of this incredible notion.

6. Let’s Love Each Other

Along with the ideas of peace and equality, Martin Luther King, Jr. claimed that hate was too exhausting, and instead chose love as his emotion of choice. Love should always be present in life, whether it is during, playtime, kids learning activities, or just sitting around the house as a family.

7. Have Faith in Something

Whether it is in a higher power, a loved one, or your own abilities, having faith in something is the best way for your children to overcome their fears to become stronger individuals.

8. Accept Everyone!

MLK championed equality for individuals of every race and skin color, but his efforts should also be applied to every individual we know. Age, race, gender, physical abilities – none of these matter, as everyone should be loved for who they are on the inside.

9. Responsibility is Important

As he was working, Martin Luther King, Jr. also helped show the world that in order to make it a better place, we must all take responsibility for our actions. This is a great learning activity to use with your children, as it will show them the importance of hard work and perseverance.

10. Work Today for a Better Tomorrow

Though MLK worked incessantly each day, he did so in hopes of securing a better future for the people he loved. Make sure to teach your children this idea with a strong learning activity, pointing out that sometimes it is important to take action in order to help others down the road.

Have a Kids History Lesson Today

January 20th marks another birthday of the late Martin Luther King, Jr., one of the most influential civil rights activists the country has ever seen. In order to commemorate this timeless event, make sure to perform learning activities to teach your children about these ten wonderful ideas MLK shared with the world.


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