King of the Castle

Let’s face it – we treat our kids like absolutely royalty. We make the foods they want, we take them to all of their playdates, lessons, and other appointments, and we make sure they are as comfortable as can be at all times throughout the day. And we absolutely love every minute of it.

And this week, you can bring home a sweet new pretend play toy castle that will truly let your little one be the kind of the house the next time they play make believe. Grab this new make believe toy castle today and get ready to go on an adventure together as a family.

Camelot is Coming To Your House with a New Castle Playset

Does your little one dream of being a knight in shining armor, protecting the house from oncoming dragons? Is your child intrigued by all of the mystery and wonder of the medieval era, when whole communities lived in fortified castles towering into the sky?

If so, then it is about time that you bring home the new Camelot Castle pretend play wooden toy from Imagine Toys® this week. This sweet new castle playset is everything that your little one needs to get lost in the world of the renaissance. This fun toy castle looks exactly like ones that were erected during the days of Camelot, and has wooden walls surrounding the interior. There is a drawbridge that can be lowered to let guests enter and exit, and there is a flag tower where a guard can keep watch for any invaders. Best of all, everything is drawn with intricate detail to look like an exact replica of the castles of old.

Camelot Castle available at

And while there are no figures included with this great castle playset, your little one can use toys that they already have (or grab a few more from Imagine Toys®) to populate this beautiful piece of architecture.

Let you child become the king of the castle during make believe pretend play today.

Learn About the Medieval Times with a Fun Play Castle

Of course, having a little castle in the home is a great way to initiate pretend play with your little ones. But, along with acting as a great toy, it can also help you segue into an educational lesson with the kids, on the medieval era. By playing in this fun castle playset for kids, you can teach your children about the basics of the medieval era of Europe, including the system of having a king and a royal court, the difference between current states and the feudal system back then, as well as knights and their different responsibilities (all of this information can be found online).

Additionally, for an added twist, you can regale your little one with the tale of King Arthur, a wonderful story about a famous king and his knights of the round table.

The Medieval World Has So Much Mystery

Learning about the medieval era has never been so much fun! So pick up this castle, set it up in the playroom, and get ready for a royal time!


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