7 Art Projects Kids Can Make with Fall Leaves

Autumn has finally arrived, and with it the beautiful fall scenery of leaves changing colors and descending to the ground. But while you may want to rake them up in your yard and toss them out, they can actually be used in a variety of kids arts and craft projects that your children will love. This autumn, try these seven great projects with fall leaves to have fun with your children during the most beautiful time of the year.

1. Bookmarks of Leaves

Since your children will be in school already, making a leaf bookmark is a great way to turn a craft project into a useful finished product. Start by gathering a few leaves that aren’t yet crisp. Place them in a book, apply pressure on them, and wait a few days until they are completely dry.

Then, place them on a sheet of white paper, have it laminated, and cut it into individual strips – and you will have a beautiful bookmark from these natural beauties.

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2. Wreath of Leaves

This is a great fall craft that can be put up anywhere in the house. Give your children a paper plate, and have them glue leaves around the edge. They can decorate the rest with glitter, or even write their names in the center – and now they have a beautiful piece of kids arts and crafts.

3. Rub the Leaves

This makes not only a beautiful finished project, but is an kids arts and crafts project. Get a few leaves that aren’t crispy, place white paper above them, and have children rub crayons on the outline – the leaves should begin to appear on top of the paper.

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4. Make Some Magnets

This is a great way to make fun fall decorations that you can place on the outside of your refrigerator. With a few leaves, have your children trace them onto colored paper, and cut them out with scissors. With these outlines, have your kids glue them to the back of magnets, and you will have a collection of fun fall-themed finished products.

5. Hanging Leaves

This is a fun way to decorate a room with beautiful autumn flair. Cut up a few pieces of long string, and attach them to the ceiling with tape. Then, glue the leaves onto the hanging ends of the string – and you will have a room full of beautiful fall colors.

For an added bonus, put this decoration in a room with windows, and watch as the cool breeze blows them about the sky.

6. Paint with Leaves

This can be a great way to add some beautiful paints into your kids arts and crafts. With non-toxic paints of orange, yellow, and brown, have your children coat one side of a few of the leaves in the collection. Then have them press the painted side onto a piece of white paper – it should leave a beautiful residue in the shape of a fall flower. You can cut these out and use them to decorate the house, or simply leave them be and put them up on the refrigerator.

7. Leaf Placemats

For this craft use the same technique as with the bookmarks (press them, place them on paper, and laminate them), but simply don’t cut them into pieces at the end. With your new laminated piece, you can place it down on the table for a functional placemat. To add some color, use yellow, orange, and gold paper for a fun autumn touch.

Crafts for the Season

Autumn is a wonderful time of year that displays nature in its finest light. This fall, take some of that beauty and have your children turn it into wonderful pieces of kids arts and crafts.


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