Screw, Hammer, Tighten! Little Builders Can Get Fixing

Almost entirely instinctually, at a very young age children begin to take separate objects that they find laying about, and placing them on top of one another in order to create a standing structure. Basic architecture and construction is one of the first ideas that little ones start to develop in their early years, and then facilitate this learning by trying to assemble new things with anything they can grasp.

Fostering this love for building, construction, and even fixing can help strengthen your child’s spatial awareness skills, enhance their critical thinking abilities, and even set them up for stronger performance in science and engineering classes in the future.

So this week, surprise your child with a new wooden tool bench construction toy, and get building together!

Put the Pieces in the Right Place

One of the most basic yet educational aspects about beginning construction is the idea that specific parts must go in their respective places in order to create a functioning structure. Children are required to view the problem from the exterior, and use critical analysis to help them discover the correct place for each piece.

And to further develop this awareness and talent, come home this week with the My Tool Bench building set for your little one. This fun wooden tool bench construction toy gives your child the ability to put the pieces together one by one, and lets them explore the world of basic architecture. They can use the small screw driver to add or remove pieces from the bench, pretend to hammer in nails to increase the integrity of the structure, and even use their little plastic saw to make adjustments as they see fit. This great new kids’ building toy will be the perfect construction addition to playtime for you and your little one.

Use Toys to Learn About the World

Although children’s construction toys can be used each day to keep your child’s attention while you take care of the chores needing completion, they can also be wonderful additions that increase your little one’s general knowledge about the world. Basic building toys can show your child how to adhere different objects and structures to one another, how to balance different structures in order to make them stand straight, and the very basics of a few physical phenomena that they may choose to study later in life.

Additionally, it is also important to always keep in mind that the efforts you put into your child’s education now will payoff greatly as they progress through life. If you supply them with a fun new kids building toy today, it will help them understand and comprehend the basics of physics and architecture, and will set them ahead of their classmates when they begin school in a few years.

Learn Today with a Kids Construction Toy

There is time too early to have your child begin playing with simple construction toys. And for a building toy they will love, get the My Tool Bench and get started today!


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