Playtime is Fun with a Busy Board

During their first years of life, children are constantly fascinated by all of the wonderful things that exist in the world. Their new homes are filled with bright colors, shiny objects, and interesting shapes that can be touched and experienced with their newly developing senses. And encouraging this exploratory behavior will actually help sharpen their motor skills, coordination, and spatial awareness abilities as they learn about this wonderful world.

So if you want to turn playtime into a fun and educational endeavor with the toddler you love, make a busy board this week, and use this creative tool to spend hours having fun as a family.

How to Make a Busy Board for Playtime

Making a busy board is simple: all you need to include are things that will hold your child’s attention!

But let’s start small: first you will need a piece of wood, with a kitchen cutting board often working best. Then, collect as many fun trinkets that you can find in the house, and don’t be afraid to travel to a local department store to pick up a few extras.

Some ideas can include: metal handles, combination locks, small wheels with hinges, whistles, mirrors, light switches, old rotating telephone dials, and anything else that you can imagine. If your toddler has a particular fascination with certain additions, make sure you collect those as well.

Once you have everything together that you want to include, it’s time to attach it all to the board. Most of these items should already have attached hinges with space for screws – if this is the case, simply use a drill to create holes in the board, and securely fasten the trinkets to the board with regular household screws.

For items that don’t include these holes, try securing them to the busy board by using a strong adhesive such as rubber cement or hot glue. Both of these will strongly grasp anything from metal to wood, and will quickly dry on the board.

It’s Time to Play!

Once the board is all put together, set it down with your child on the ground, and watch how they approach it. The busy board may be overwhelming at first, as it contains so many shiny trinkets that can be used for fun. Encourage your child to grasp things individually, push them, pull them, feel them with all of their fingers, and use them however they would like.

While this toy may seem at first like a sensory overload, it is truly an educational playtime masterpiece. Each object has a different texture, shape, color, and purpose, and each of these attributes will eventually be processed in the developing mind of your toddler. As they continue to play with the busy board, they will gain a greater sense of awareness towards physical objects, and this will translate into better coordination in all aspects of life.

Playtime Fun With a Busy Board

There is no better time than now to work on your child’s development in the world. So this week, make a busy board for playtime, and watch as your kid uses it to learn about all of the wonderful colors, shapes, and textures the world has to offer.


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