Make a Haunted House With Everyday Household Items

It’s time to get ready for a spooky and fun Halloween! This means getting or making the perfect Halloween costumes for the little ones, picking up numerous bags of candy to keep the house stocked on the big day, and listening to your children talk about all of the fun Halloween activities they participated in at school.

But if you are looking for something that will make this the most memorable Halloween for you and your family, try recreating a haunted house inside of your own home. And don’t worry, you won’t need to rebuild or renovate the house that you love – instead, you can start with a few household items to create the scariest house on the block!

Set the Lighting

All good haunted houses have one thing in common: scary lighting! But unless you have a dimmer switch on all of your lights, you may be stuck with lights on at full blast.

To avoid this, you can swap out your light bulbs with black lights if you have any lying around; or for an easier method, place some red plastic wrap over the fixtures for a touch of color. Each of these will add a spooky touch to your house of horrors.

Get Spooky Props

Nothing is scarier than a glass of green ooze sitting on the mantle of a haunted house. But unless you have any radioactive chemicals sitting around, it might be tough to recreate.

Instead, fill up a few glasses of yogurt and add some green food coloring. The thick texture and green color of the yogurt will look like ooze, and will gross everyone that steps foot inside.

Cauldrons of Fog

Fog seems to make any Halloween event a little bit creepier. From walking through the cemetery, to trick or treating, to telling ghost stories around a fire, each can get scarier when the haze comes rolling in.

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To create the same atmosphere in your house, place some dry ice in any large pots and pans that you have lying around. It will billow up and over the sides, creating a spooky fog-like illusion that will chill everyone to the bone.

And of course, for safety’s sake, don’t let anyone reach their hands inside.

Getting Lost in the Path

Fog is great to keep visibility at a low, but putting up barriers in the hallways is another easy way to hide the scary things beyond. But don’t fret – you don’t need to erect a few extra walls in your house to make this happen. Instead, attach a few white bed sheets to specific locations throughout the house. Your guests will need to push past these to continue, and will add a spooky atmosphere as they continue through your own homemade haunted house.

Scare the Neighbors This Halloween

Setting up a homemade haunted house can be a great way to celebrate Halloween with your family and friends. And don’t worry about endless trips to the store – just start with these common household items and get ready to scare everyone on the block!


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