Make a Little Farm of Your Own

Unless you live on a farm, it can be difficult to have your children understand exactly where their food comes from. Many children’s only connection to food is through grocery stores and restaurants, and in turn they may not realize that everything we eat comes from the ground beneath our feet.

Of course, it is extremely important that our little ones understand the source of our food in order to gain a sense of appreciation for the world around us all, and to understand how much work must go into creating what we eat. And there is no better way to help your children learn about the source of food than by starting a small backyard of your own. Here are a few simple ways to get started on this project that can be turned into a fun family activity for all:

Pick a Place to Plant

Many people believe that starting a garden may be a backbreaking and grueling task, requiring a significant amount of land. Truthfully though, all you need is some (healthy) soil and a few seeds to get started. You can pick a small plot of soil in the backyard, or, if there isn’t enough space, fill a pot with some soil instead.

Be Diligent About Watering and Weeding

This is where most of the work comes in: as a family, once you have placed the seeds, you must monitor the plants each day and provide them with adequate water to make sure that they have enough nutrients to survive (this is doubly important if you live in an extremely dry climate). Also, if you chose to place your seeds in a pot, make sure that they get plenty of sunlight throughout the day – although some vegetables, like leafy greens, may thrive without constant light, others, like tomatoes, will not come to fruition.

Along with this, make sure to keep an eye out for weeds with the children, as they can steal much needed nutrients, water, and light from the plants nearby.

Watch the Plants Grow and Have Some Fun

Once you get the basics of starting a garden, you may be surprised at how quickly the plants will grow, and the delicious rewards that you will reap when the time comes. Along with this, you may see a change in your children, as they begin to understand the hard work and effort that goes into producing just a few vegetables.

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Spend some time with your kids this year learning about the earth and all of the wonderful things it gives us all. And if you want to have fun while planting a beautiful garden, follow these simple tips, grab a new John Deere tractor toy, and watch as your delicious vegetables grow.


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