Make a Summer Adventure Kit

Warm weather and exploring the world go hand in hand. The summer months give your little ones ample time throughout the day to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, and can do so in pleasant temperatures that last for the whole season.

This summer then, help ensure that your entire family has a wonderful time by picking up all of these simple items to make your own pretend play adventure kit for a bunch of backyard activities:

A Kids’ Microscope

Not everything in nature can be easily observed with just the naked eye. And to help your kids really understand how tiny things can get, pick up a kids’ microscope (or even magnifying glass) and take a peek around for a great backyard activity. Some great things to look at during pretend play under a magnifying glass include leaves, animal tracks, and rain drops – and you can go on a treasure hunt to search for them all!

A Lantern

Not all activities for kids have to happen this summer before the sun goes down. And for a great nighttime kids toy that the little ones will love, pick up the new Wilderness Lantern from Imagine Toys®. This fun item is great for so many activities for kids, and it can light their way wherever they go. The light is powered by a hand crank, and it comes with a handy compass the kids can quickly learn to use.

Wilderness Lantern available at

A Shovel

There is so much in nature just waiting in the surface beneath the ground. And to discover just a piece of what’s there, grab a small trowel or kids’ shovel for the little ones to use. Pick a small patch of land in your backyard, and let the kids dig around for a few minutes. They may find different types of soil, a variety of rocks, and even worms and other bugs hiding out from the sun.

A Tent

If you haven’t yet taken your children on a camping trip, this summer is the perfect time to do so. Even if you just go camping in your backyard, it gives your children the pleasure of sleeping in a fun, new environment under the stars. And of course, for this backyard activity, you need a tent in which the entire family will fit. A tent is the perfect place to tell ghost stories, play cards, or pass the time reading while enjoying the time in nature.

Sturdy Boots

Nature has so much to offer – but you won’t see much if you don’t seek it out yourselves! This summer, plan on taking a few days to go hiking in the wilderness with the little ones. And to make sure they have the support they need, pick up the kids a pair of hiking boots to wear on the trek. These will protect from sprained ankles and blisters on the trail.

Summer Adventure Fun for All

Don’t let the summer come to an end without enjoying the outdoors. Pick up these items today, and create your very own adventure kit to go exploring with the kids!


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