Make a Busy Bag for Toddlers

If you are like most adults in this country, you have days packed full of work, errands, or simple tasks to complete, all while taking care of your children. And while older children or infants often take less work to manage, toddlers can be a handful in and of themselves, requiring constant attention. But with a bit of careful planning and a toddler with an imagination, you can keep them busy while you go about doing the work you need to get done.

Off to the Races

If you’re in clear sight of your toddler while you work, they’ll be vying for your attention every chance they get. So pry them away and set them down with a toy they’ll be sure to love. The new Push Cars offer just that. These light and colorful plastic toy cars have large handles to grasp for children with small hands, and can be pushed across the floor with ease by youngsters of any size. If your child likes cars, they’ll love to get behind the engine of one of these. Watch as they make noises and rev their engines as they get ready to blast down the speedway.

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The bright colors and hands-on nature of the cars will help develop your child’s abilities, as well. Their grasp will strengthen, their hand-eye coordination will sharpen, and their understanding of colors and shapes will be greater with these wonderful sensory toys.

The cars are decorated with mini headlights to remain as true to real life as possible. The wheels are also coated with a layer of rubber to ensure that no damage is done to any hardwood floors in your home. With hours of practice with these little machines your toddler will become the best driver in the house.

It’s a Jungle Out There

If your child isn’t as interested by cars, why not provide them with a whole new world of friends to play with? The Jungle Collection is a collection of realistic animals from around the world, as well as a miniature photographer in a photo-shooting pose. They’re the perfect size to be handled by toddlers, and can introduce your child into the wild world of safari animals.

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And if you need to take the safari on the go, these toys are perfect for that as well. The animals in the Jungle Collection fit well into backpacks, pockets, and even purses for use wherever you need to be. This open-ended toy allows for your child to use their imagination while they travel through new worlds.

If you really need some extra quiet time, consider using your child’s new toys in a scavenger hunt format. Before a big day of work, write out clues for your toddler’s hunt, and hide the animals accordingly. Read them out loud to your child, and watch as they run off to search for their new, furry friends. Each time they find a new one, reward them with another clue. This will leave you both with some time for yourselves.

Put it Together

If you often find yourself needing to occupy your toddler, put these toys in a bag and keep it with you wherever you go together. Each time you take on another task, your toddler will be happily occupied with a fun toy that will keep them busy until you’re done.


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