Make Boo-Rific Halloween Decorations

With Halloween just around the corner, it is time to get in the spooky spirit by adding some fun and creepy decorations into your home. And from fake cobwebs that line the railings in your house, to ghosts made of sheets that hang from the ceiling, there are plenty of simple designs you can use to fill your home with Halloween anticipation. So before the big night comes this year, make a few of these boo-rific Halloween decorations with your children, and get ready for a night filled with fright and Halloween fun!

Ghost Jugs

This is an incredibly easy decoration if you have a few extra gallon milk jugs lying around. Have your children paint faces on the jugs in permanent marker, including eyes, eyebrows, a wide-open mouth, and any other features you might want. Then place candles inside of the jugs and turn them into small Halloween lanterns you can place on your front porch!

Book of Spells

If you have a few old leather bound or even hardcover books sitting around your house, turn them into spooky spell books this Halloween. All you need is some colored paper to wrap around the outside of the books, and a permanent marker. With the permanent marker, write whatever you would like on the outside of the books – for example, you can write “Book of Spells” or “Book of the Dead,” and then place them on a shelf for everyone to see.

Small Spooky Spider

No one wants real spiders crawling around their home, but a fake spider decoration can really add some Halloween fun this year. To make one, get a wound up ball of black yarn, as well as some googly eyes, and eight black pipe cleaners. With glue or tape, attach four pipe cleaners on one side of the ball of yarn, and four pipe cleaners on the other – these are to act as the legs, and for a realistic twist you can bend them in the middle so the spider can stand on its own. Once you have this made, attach the googly eyes on the front of the ball of yarn, and place this creepy Halloween decoration in the house to spook everyone that comes through.

Ghosts in Frames

Spice up your bookshelf or glass class with this fun and spooky and fairly easy Halloween decorations. Search the Internet for a drawn design of a small ghost that they can easily draw on a piece of paper. Have them draw this on, and then cut out the ghost shapes so that you have three or four. Once you have the paper shapes, place them in between two small pieces of glass, or even put them inside of regular picture frames to keep them secured. Then, place these wherever you would like in the house to add a ghoulishly creepy addition to your Halloween decorations.

Have Halloween Fun with Halloween Decorations

Halloween is a wonderful holiday that your children are sure to love. So this year, spice up your home with these fun Halloween decorations that are sure to add a spooky surprise to anyone that walks through your doors.


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