A Little Math in the Bath

Just after dinner, and right before bed, you are treated to a little bit of quality time with your child as you give them a bath. And while you may treat this tradition as a chance for your child to splash around without a care in the world, introducing a bit of simple mathematics into the routine can help elicit incredible results. The next time your child gets in the tub, try these fun kids math activities for some excitement under the water!

Count the Pool Noodles

For this interactive kids bath game, you need one or two hollow pool noodles, and a pair of scissors. Cut the pool noodles in equal slices about three inches long. Then, toss the noodle pieces into the tub with your child during bath time. For the kids math activity, have them count the noodles in the tub as you scrub them down. For a bit of added fun to this kids bath game, add noodle pieces in a variety of colors, and have your child count and categorize them accordingly.

Which Cup Has More?

This kids bath game is interactive and exciting, and only requires that you bring three or four identical cups into the bathroom. Fill each of the cups with bath water, making sure that each cup has a different amount of water inside. Then, have your child examine the water levels, and ask them which cup has the most and the least of all of them. This basic learning game will help your child understand the differences between amounts of liquid in containers.

Water Balloon Math

If you have a bag of water balloons lying around, this interesting learning game for kids will get your child adding and subtracting in no time. Take a permanent marker, and write the numbers 1-10 on the balloons, with each balloon containing a different digit. Then, during bath time, fill up each one of the balloons with your child, making sure that the number is apparent on the sides of each balloon.

To start the kids bath game, have your child take a balloon in each hand and add together the numbers. You can have them try their skills at subtraction, multiplication, and even division as well, and watch how much they retain with this easy learning game.

Domino Bath Mats

This simple learning game for kids is a great way to include visual objects in the learning process. For this kids bath game, you will need different colored pieces of foam, as well as a permanent marker. Cut the foam into identically shaped small rectangular pieces – ideally these will be 3.5 inches tall by 5 inches wide. Then, using the permanent marker, draw a number on one side, and draw single dots on the other side that correspond to the number (for example, if you draw the digit ‘7’ on one side, the other side will have 7 individual dots, looking like a single domino).

Now that you have your foam dominos, toss them in the bath with your child, and let them count the dots, add together the numbers, and try anything else with this great learning game for kids.

Kids Math Activities in the Tub

If your child loves to learn, then including some education into bath time is a wonderful way to get their mind churning before bed. And if your little one is a budding math whiz, try these effective learning games for kids to build their knowledge as you scrub them down.


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