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As a child, it’s hard to know the ins and outs of basic geography. From new street names, to address numbers, to even cities, states, and countries, finding yourself on a map can be a difficult task when you’re just entering school.

But they don’t have to feel lost on this big green planet! Here are some ways you can teach your children about where they live, and show them that the world isn’t so big after all.

Geography Pyramid

The easiest way to start teaching your child about what’s around them is by first starting where they are. This learning activity starts from their house, and moves farther away with each step down.

(For this, you’ll need different colored construction paper, glue, markers, and an imagination!)

Start by cutting out a small circle of construction paper in any color you’d like. With your child, write down the words, “our home”, and beneath it write down the address of your residence. From there, cut out a bigger circle in a different color, and on this one write the words, “our street”, with the name of your street below.

After this, continue cutting out larger and larger circles of construction paper, with the theme proceeding as follows – “my city”, “my state”, “my country”, “my continent”, and “my planet”. If your child is an astronomy buff, feel free to write down “my galaxy” and “my universe” as well.

This project will be both a fun educational activity for your child, and a great reference for them to understand the new geography of their life.

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Draw a Map

This learning activity can consist of two different parts. For parts you’ll need a large piece of paper or poster board and markers.

The first educational activity is best used for children that have yet to enter school. On the paper or poster board, have them draw their family inside of their house. Once completed, have them label their house with the correct address. After that, ask them to draw the street on which the house lies – have them label the street correctly. After this, have them draw things in town that they know, such as the pool, library, or their school, and encompass everything by labeling their city accordingly. If they don’t know the name of something, inform them and try to make them understand the different magnitudes of a home, a street, and an entire city.

The second learning activity is very useful for students who have begun school. From an atlas or picture of the world, have them draw or trace a map of the country. Once finished, have them label in the country where they live, while drawing small landmarks (such as lakes, mountains, or deserts) that lie near the area. After this, have them mark the state and label it accordingly. Have them do this with land and oceans throughout the globe, and make sure they add in different things to remind them about certain areas (for example, draw kangaroos in Australia, the Amazon River in South America, gorillas and elephants in Africa, and snow and ice in Antarctica). This educational activity will teach them the size differences in the world, and will give them a better idea of where they live.

Where Do I Live?

As your child continues to grow, they will have a better grasp of the size of the world. Use these fun activities this summer to teach them the size of their planet and the world around them.


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