Mom and Son Quality Time

As a mother, taking care of a young boy can be a rigorous amount of work. From acting as a chef, a chauffeur, a therapist, and every other job imaginable, it’s a full-time job that entails diligence, determination, and a whole lot of patience. But it’s important to remember all of the wonderful things that your son has brought into your life. Spending quality time together can help strengthen the bond between mother and son, and can be a great time to have some fun and maybe learn a few things, too!

Quality Time Together

Don’t fret if you can’t think of ideas – quality time with your son can come in a variety of ways! Start by thinking of things that your son loves to do. If he’s a sports fanatic, try practicing with him in the back yard. If he’s really into dinosaurs or animals, suggest that you have an arts and crafts session together during which you draw prehistoric creatures. Or even take him to the museum, and let him pull you from exhibit to exhibit, telling you all of the cool things he knows.

Books Aren’t Only For Bedtime

Another great way to spend mom and son quality time is to read together. If he’s still too young to read, work on some alphabet practice as he sits in your lap and watches you turn the pages of his favorite picture book. The colors will surely fascinate him, and staring at the words on the page will help with his letter and word recognition. Let him touch and even turn the pages, stimulating his kinetic senses as well.

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If your son is starting to read or has already learned how, take turns reading pages to each other, creating different voices to match different characters in the story. This will show him he can have fun with mom, and will help his reading skills immensely.

Mom and Son Quiet Time

Don’t think that rest or naptime is only a one-person event. If it’s almost time for your son’s nap, start reading a book of your own while he rests his head in your lap. If he’s comfortable, let him fall asleep as you perform work of your own. Falling asleep and waking in your arms might not be a fun activity for him, but will comfort him and make him feel safe.

Spend a Day at School

If your son is attending preschool or is even in the first years of school, attending once in awhile can be a great way to spend quality time together. Many teachers of children this age need volunteers in the classroom, and this could be a great opportunity for you to work with your child while you help the burden of the teacher.

As you help out, make sure that while you’re impartial in your work with the children, your son knows that you are there for him. Even seeing you help out across the room can make him beam, and will only make him proud of his hardworking mom.

Time Spent Together

Truly, quality time with your son is really just meaningful time spent together. Whether it’s playing games, reading, or just having quiet time, being together can help your child learn, and can strengthen the bond between mother and son.


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