Mom, Where is…?

Just like the rest of us, children seem to have a difficult time keeping track of their kids toys, especially when the playroom is overflowing plenty of fun activities and games. Your little ones either leave their kids toys in a conspicuous spot, take them out of the playroom and lose them outside, or even let one of their friends take home the games, leaving you and your children wondering how everything seemed to disappear.

Well this year, it is time to end this practice by putting your children in charge of toy organization once playtime is over. And to make sure your kids put away their toddler toys, you can give them a wonderful new storage set that turns toy organization into a fun game for everyone!

Kids Play and Put Away

Being responsible for one’s own belongings is an important concept, and one that you should teach your children at a young age so that they can take care of all of the toddler toys that they enjoy. And with this, if you supply your little ones with all of the kids toys they can imagine, they should always be tasked with putting them away in an orderly fashion after playtime each day.

To make this transition then, and to turn this process into a game to have your kids play together, bring home the Lay-n-Go Activity Mat, a cool new toy for toddlers that turns toy organization and cleanup into a blast! This simple yet functional toy organization mat was designed by a parent who has toddlers of her own, and understands that keeping things in one place is an easy way to ensure nothing gets lost when you are at school, at a restaurant, or even sitting at home on the couch. This fun activity mat is 18 inches across, and will store a variety of small pieces that may otherwise escape your possession. With this, this toy organization set is made of 100% nylon, and is sturdy enough to carry virtually any toddler toy, from building sets, to toy cars, to even small sports equipment.

Resolve to Make a Change

While it is important to have your children play in a carefree manner with their friends each day, it is also necessary that you teach them the necessity of taking care of their toys, and being responsible for cleanup each day after playtime. And while this may sound like a challenging activity to start with your toddlers, it is one that you should start early so that they get in the habit of performing it each and every day.

To begin, at the end of playtime, have your children sit in the same room with your as you pick up their toys. Once they get in the habit of watching you, turn toy organization into a game by having them race to see who can put the kids toys away faster. Continue this process slowly until your toddlers are responsible for picking up after themselves entirely.

And before you know it, with this fun toy organization mat, and a little bit of patience, you can rest easy as your children keep track of all of their toys and games!


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