Music and Rhythm–Get Your Kids Moving

One of the most delightful ways to instill a sense of creativity in your child is by introducing them to the creation of music and dance. Whether you’re a musical genius yourself, or can’t keep a beat to save your life, showing your children the tools to make a few sounds can help them stay occupied and bring out the creative spirit from within.

Here are some ways your child can start learning the wonders of music.

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Hands Only

The hands can be wonderful tools, and can serve as the basis for almost any musical instrument. To start simple, have your child use their hands as percussion instruments on suitable surfaces like tables or chairs. Showing them how to tap their hands or fingers to a beat can help them learn how to keep a rhythm, and can even assist in teaching them how to count.

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If they get a good grasp of that, you can start introducing tools to mimic basic percussion instruments. Utensils like forks, spoons, and pencils can all act as drum sticks and can keep your child’s attention for longer. Learning how to tap along to their favorite song can be a good way to start a love between your children and music.

Just be sure they understand the appropriate times to start tapping. Keeping their musical talents outside of the classroom is a good way to keep them out of trouble.

Hands Free

Children and music go hand and hand, but sometimes you don’t need any fingers at all to keep a good rhythm. If you’re up for it, try to sing to your child at appropriate times, like before bed, or on a walk. Then try to have them sing with you when they’re old enough, getting them to learn how to keep a tune and how to be bold enough to share their talents.

If they can get a good grasp of basic singing, see if you can get them to sing your favorite tunes that you used to love as a child. Before you know it they’ll be dazzling you and your friends at the yearly talent show!

A Group of Children and Music

Creating music with your children doesn’t have to be a solo operation. There are plenty of other children out in the community, and finding a few parents who want to bring together their children and music shouldn’t be a difficult task.

Try to ask parents of children from your neighborhood, the school your child attends, or even a local community center. Like you’ve learned, all you need is a few kids who can keep a tune and tap along to a beat.

And you don’t have to stop there. If you can get together a few kids, then you’re both teaching your child the importance of rhythm, and bringing them close to other youngsters who share common interests, the basis of their new friendship – most great musical groups started out as a few friends!

More Than Music

Music can be a great thing to introduce to your child, and can open pathways into many different things. They can make friends and be creative, all while learning how to hold a tune and keep a beat!


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