My Little Toy Mechanic

Little boys often develop a love for cars and fast-moving vehicles at a very young age. The first time a boy sees a car blazing down the street or a plane rocketing overhead he may become fascinated with automobiles and other vehicles, as well as the mysteries that lie in the engine beneath the hood.

Of course, we can’t let our little children ratchet around with the engine beneath the hood of our cars; but we can provide them with a few toys of their own to simulate the experience, and to foster and grow this curiosity. At Imagine Toys®, we believe a love for engines and a desire to tinker can blossom into a healthy and constructive hobby, which is why we are now offering a variety of new mechanic toys to bring out the mechanic in your little boy.

Hammer Away on Your Very Own Engine

Even a child of only one can start to explore the world of mechanics with the new Mr. Mechanic’s Racing Car junior mechanic toy. This delightful kid mechanic super toy is designed specifically for young toddlers, and is the perfect way to foster a fascination with engine parts. The toy comes with a brightly colored kids toy, with an open engine that can be explored with your toddler’s fingers. And best of all, this fun mechanic toy comes with a hammer and a motorized screwdriver, so you toddler can make all of the repairs necessary to get the car up and running again. Curious and creative minds will quickly fall in love with this new junior mechanic set from Imagine Toys®.

Mr. Mechanic’s Racing Car

Mr. Mechanic’s Racing Car

Create Your Own Train or Racecar

Would your little one love to create a car or train of their own, with nothing more than their hands and a few colorful tools? If so, it is time for you to pick up the new Junior Mechanic kids set today. This toddler toy comes with a total of 43 pieces that can be assembled and disassembled with the included screwdriver to create a speedy race car, or a train that chugs down the tracks. And for a fun finish, both of these vehicles can be pushed on a flat surface around the house.

Junior Mechanic

Junior Mechanic

Get Ready to Get Your Hands Dirty Under the Hood

If your child really loves the idea of getting their hands dirty while they work on an engine of their own, then they will love to have the Auto Mechanic Super Set in their toy collection. As a replica of a real engine, this toy lets your child explore how an automobile works, and gives them the ability to play with 15 different functions, such as working headlights, a horn, and other starter sounds. The parts to this engine can be taken out for examination, and replaced to form a working engine.

Auto Mechanic Super Set

Auto Mechanic Super Set

Start Your Engines!

Burgeoning auto mechanics can find inspiration in one of these great new toys today. So pick one up, bring it home, and let your little one work on an engine of their own.


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