7 July 4th Night Time Activities

There is no better time to celebrate the glory of our wonderful country than on July 4th, the anniversary of the nation’s independence. And while the fireworks may dazzle your children, they may get bored at night without a few activities to keep them busy. Here are seven exciting July 4th activities for kids that will help you enjoy the holiday as a family:

1. Make a Light Show Inside

If you don’t mind spending a few minutes inside, grab a few flashlights, shut off the lights, and let your children wave the lights around to make their very own indoor nighttime light show. Add a few shadow puppets into the mix for a fun July 4th outdoor activity for kids.

2. Make Red, White, and Blue Milkshakes

For this fun activity for kids, get some vanilla ice cream and some red, white, and blue food coloring. Give each person a different color, and celebrate the nation’s independence with a delicious treat!

3. July 4th Trivia

If your children love the idea of learning something new, give them a July 4th quiz to answer at night. Spend part of the day teaching them fun facts about the history of the holiday (for example, that the United States wanted independence from England, or that the first settlers were called Pilgrims), and sit down at night together for a fun family quiz. Reward each correct answer with something that your child loves after this fun July 4th activity.

4. Cook July 4th Food

Many families cook the traditional summer American food, which may include grilling hot dogs and hamburgers, cooking corn, and eating some nice potato salad. For some extra outdoor fun for the kids though, find different foods that are red, white, and blue. For example, you blueberries, apples, and mashed potatoes match up well with the colors of the flag. Have your children eat these different colored foods together for a fun outdoor activity.

5. What Was Life Like Back Then?

For an educational activity for kids, spend a few minutes talking on July 4th about what you thought life might have been like for people back in 1776. Discuss with your children different clothing they might have worn, modes of transportation, and watch their surprise when you tell your children that there were no cellphones, tablets, or even TVs!

6. Draw Your Own American Flags with Chalk

For some great outdoor fun, grab some chalk, head out to the sidewalk or driveway together, and draw your very own American flag for the whole neighborhood to see!

7. Talk About the Independence of America

Many people forget to realize the true significance that American independence has in all of our lives. Take a few minutes this July 4th to sit down with your kids and discuss this concept with them. Try to use this holiday to teach them the importance of being grateful for the wonderful country in which we live.

Make Your July 4th a Blast

The Fourth of July is one of the most wonderful holidays throughout the year. And to make sure that yours is a blast, try these seven fun kids activities to try when the night finally arrives.


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