Off into a Fairytale We Go

What little one doesn’t love to play make believe with toy figures during playtime?

Children can use their imaginations to make these characters come to life, and pursue adventures and stories that are limited only by the mind. And in fact, kids can use toy figures to rationalize and comprehend realistic scenarios that happen around them, in effect making these small action figures useful educational tools.

So this week, let’s learn together as a family! All you need is a few new toy figures, a home for them to stay, and children with wild and crazy imaginations!

Tiny Toy Figures for Your Kid

If your child loves to play make believe, then there is a good chance that they already have a few toy figures of their own lying around in the basket. After all, kids seem to love having action figures around to keep them company at all times.

But if you are ready to make sure that the make believe fun never stops in your house, and that your children have smiles on their faces each day this holiday season, surprise them a few toy figures from the Fairytale Figure Collection. This beautiful and intricate collection of action figures and dolls gives your children access to seven new toy figurines, all with distinct patterns and markings, and each crafted and painted with the eye and skills of an expert. These colorful miniature make believe toys will add to the fun and excitement of playtime for the children, and will make sure that their imaginations continue to grow.

Exclusive Fairytale Figure Collection at

Make a House for the Toy Figurines

Once your children have these individual toy figures, it is time to find somewhere for them to live while they aren’t being used with make believe fun. But instead of just having your children put them away in the toy basket, consider creating your own toy figurine house that keeps the toys safe and sound.

For a fun kids activity, grab a paper cup, a paper plate, and a few kids arts and crafts supplies that you have lying around the house. Then, turn the cup upside down, and cut a small door-shaped hole, starting at the lip. Take the plate, turn it upside down as well, and place the center of it on top of the cup – see how both look similar to a mushroom?

Glue the plate down on top of the cup, and now you have a mushroom house for the toy figures, complete with a tiny door through which they can pass. To add some flair and beauty to the house, have your children decorate the cup and plate with their arts and crafts supplies, and make it a beautiful home for the new toy figurines.

Now that your children have their own new set of toy figures, and a wonderful new home in which they can stay, let their imaginations go! The toys can go off on a new quest during the day, and have a place to rest their heads when the sun finally sets. Your children are sure to love this magical activity that tests the boundaries of their creativity!


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