Outdoor Art Fun

The days are getting longer, the air is heating up, the birds are chirping in the morning to signal the sunrise, and all of this together can mean only one thing: spring is here, and summer is right around the corner! It’s time to get ready to head out to the driveway with the sidewalk chalk for endless hours of outdoor arts and crafts fun.

And if your kids truly love to play with their sidewalk chalk, then there is something new this year from Imagine Toys® that will keep them busy until autumn arrives again. So before summer starts, pick up this new kids art set, and head outside together to make a masterpiece!

A New Art Set for Kids

Most kids on the block have a set of sidewalk chalk that they can use to draw up and down their driveways. This year though, you can make sure that your kids have it all by giving them the Animal Fun Outdoor Mandala sidewalk chalk art set for kids. This great kids chalk art set comes with a giant mandala stencil, six different colored pieces of chalk, and an instruction book as well.

Animal Fun Outdoor Mandala at imaginetoys.com

The mandala stencil is a giant circular board that contains stencils within it. To draw with this chalk art stencil, have your child hold a piece of chalk within the stencil, and twist the board in either direction. Once you are ready, lift up the mandala stencil and get ready to be amazed at the wonderful art you created together. The design possibilities are limitless with this great new chalk art set for the kids this year.

Support KaBOOM! for Kids Around the World

Your children are so lucky that they have parents like you. They will always have fun during playtime, and will never be lacking of fun toys to keep them entertained.

Unfortunately though, there are plenty of children across the country that aren’t so lucky, and that don’t always have access to the type of childhood that they deserve.

That’s why KaBOOM!, a national non-profit, is committed to raising money for these children so that they can experience childhood like the rest of the kids in the country. KaBOOM! helps develop kids toys, like this kids chalk art set, which in turn allows participating members to help build playgrounds and structures for kids across the country. This national non-profit strongly believes that each child should have the right to outdoor fun during playtime, and is committed to giving children all they need to “become healthy, successful adults.” With your purchase of this excellent kids sidewalk chalk art set you will be bringing the joy of outdoor playtime to kids everywhere in the nation.

Chalk it Up this Summer

Outdoor arts and crafts projects can be a blast to do with the children that you love. And best of all, by using washable sidewalk chalk, you have virtually no mess to clean up at the end of the day. So this summer, pick up this new kids art set, head outside, and chalk it up to a whole lot of fun!


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