Take an Outdoor Texture Walk

Walking through the great outdoors is a wonderful way to get some fresh air as a family, and always provides plenty of excellent educational opportunities for the kids. The outdoors can help you teach your kids about so many science-related topics, and offers many different visual and auditory teaching aides as well.

In addition to being so many things you can see and hear in nature, there is a host of different things that you can experience, simply by use your sense of touch. This summer then, try these simple summer activities and go on an outdoor texture walk with the kids to help them learn about and appreciate nature.

Start with Trees

To begin your walk, start by letting your little one touch the bark of different trees. Tree bark is safe, and it comes in so many textures that will surprise and delight the hands of your child. Let them feel the rough ridges of a pine tree, as well as the smooth bark of an Aspen, and see what they think of each. They may be more inclined to touch certain types of bark based on the nature of the texture.

Try Out Some Sand and Dirt

If you don’t mind getting your hands a bit dirty this summer, then take your child to a sandbox (preferably one within a park) and have a go at this toddler activity. Let them play in the sand, allowing them to feel the soft grains within their tiny hands. After a few minutes of that, try to find a patch of dirt in the park (or bring along some of your own), and let them experience the contrast in textures between the two. The sand often provides a grainy, warm feeling, while the dirt may be mushy and cool.

Fresh Leaves, Old Leaves

This outdoor toddler activity works best towards the fall, when some leaves are still up on trees, while others have already come falling down to the ground. Start this summer activity by letting your child feel the leaves that are still on the trees, experiencing how smooth and flexible they are. Then, let them pick up a few of the dead leaves on the ground, and have your child crunch the leaves in their hands. You can also try this with leaves from different trees, some of which may have different textures than the rest.

Be Careful with Plants

It is important to note that while a variety of plants in nature may provide interesting textures for your children to feel, unless you know specifically what the plant is, avoid letting your toddler venture over to explore. A plant could be poisonous if you are out for a hike, and even if you are in town it could possess thorns or stickers that are unpleasant to the touch.

Head Outside and Explore the World

This summer, turn of the TV and head outside to explore with the little ones. And for a fun preschooler activity, try taking a texture walk to feel the wonders of the world.


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