The Parade Has Rolled into Town

Parades are wonderful events that bring cheer and joy into the heart of any town. People line the streets to watch the floats go by, and children jump for joy as each section passes through the narrow streets.

Of course, this winter may be too chilly for you to head outside and watch any winter parades, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy their wonder – all you need is a brand new building toy to bring the parade right into your child’s playroom!

A Building Toy for Kids

There is no better way to enjoy the brilliance of an indoor marching than with the GoldieBlox and the Parade Float building toy for kids. This exciting and interactive construction toy comes with an educational children’s book about young friends that want to compete in a princess pageant, with the desire of appearing in the annual town parade. After a small disaster strikes that threatens their chances, the pals put their minds together to build the perfect solution to the problem. This story is all about imagination and problem solving, and highlights the eternal importance of having good friends.

Once your daughter has read this book, they can begin working with the rest of the pieces of this building toy for kids. This fun construction toy comes with nine different design ideas for a town parade, a variety of different pieces that can snap together, and virtually unlimited combinations that can be used to create a beautiful finished project. And if you have any other of the GoldieBlox sets, you can combine the building toys together for a whole new world of fun!

Learning More with a Girls Engineering Toy

Even though today’s education system is much more progressive than it used to be, with both girls and boys possessing equal opportunities in all realms of school, the arenas of math, science, and overall engineering are often completely dominated and focused on by males. And while your daughter may not show an immediate urge to get involved in math and engineering, providing her with the option will help open up extra doors for her as she moves through the education system.

GoldieBlox and the Parade Float available at

And if you want to introduce her to the world of math and science in a fun and interactive manner, give her access to the GoldieBlox and the Parade Float girls engineering toy. She can peruse through the pages of the children’s book, learning a new story about a few delightful characters, and put her knowledge on this construction toy by creating the best possible design. And once she is finished working with this building toy for kids, she can proudly display her new town parade, and let it move through the halls within your home.

Celebrate the Season with a Parade in Your Home

Spending a day watching a parade is a great experience for your children, and is an excellent way for you to spend time with the family members that you love. And if it is too cold to head into town this season, just give your daughter this great girls engineering toy and let her bring the fun to you!


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