Play Groups – Build Imagination and Social Skills (For Children Ages 5-8)

Having your children interact in social gatherings can be valuable to their learning process. Socializing with other children of a similar age will help them develop their imaginations, as well as build their social skills as they learn important lessons about things around them.

But if you’re looking for a few ways to bring your children together with their friends and classmates, try these ideas and expect a few smiles:

Take Them to the Zoo

The zoo can be a fun place for everyone, but taking your children there with friends can make a world of difference. Along with learning about different animals and their separate habitats, your children, with their friends, will be able to stretch their imaginations by pretending they’re on a safari of their own.

Teach your children about sharing by changing roles occasionally. If your child is the safari leader at the lion den, have their friend be the boat captain as you reach the aquarium.

Incorporating a social aspect into a trip to the zoo will only strengthen the bonds between your children and their classmates.

Start a Music Group

This one might sound unusual, but getting your children together with their friends to play music can inspire them and fuel their imaginations. You can provide them with small instruments, such as drums or recorders, or just let them stretch their vocal chords with a plastic microphone.

Make sure to change up the roles once in awhile so everyone gets a chance to star. Give each child a chance to be the lead singer!

Watch as they pretend to be a famous rock group on tour, and see their social skills develop as they agree on what song to play next!

Kids Arts and Crafts

If your children love to paint, draw, or just create, why not bring their friends into the mix?

Start with something small, like a shared painting or sidewalk-chalk drawing, and see how well the playmates handle sharing the work. Make sure to point out that everyone must contribute equally to ensure a fair project.

If this goes well, have them move onto bigger projects (for example, sculptures made out of glue and pasta noodles, or cut-and-paste art from magazines or newspapers). Have them work together, and reward their great efforts by displaying their completed work on the refrigerator for all to see!

Outdoor Games

Outdoor games can be one of the best ways to have your child use their imagination with their friends. Whether they’re playing a game of tag, chasing butterflies, or just spotting things in the grass, each little mind will share something different.

Try suggesting a game, and see where they take it. Help them put together a small obstacle course, and see if they build on it together. Or start a game of ‘I Spy’ and listen to what incredible things they see!

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Let their friendships begin and their imaginations run wild as they spend time together in the backyard.

When having your children play with their friends or classmates, be sure to include everyone equally so as to teach them about sharing and inclusion. But these ideas are a good way to start having your kids use their imaginations and play well with others.


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