7 Play Group Activities For Toddlers

Having your toddler play with other youngsters is a great way for them to have some fun as they explore the world of friendship and collaboration. Together toddlers can use toys, play games, or simply use their imaginations to have a fun and successful play date.

Often times, though, it can be beneficial to pick activities in which your toddlers can participate, and let them use these as a way to make friends with their peers in the group. If you are looking to start a toddler playgroup, here are seven toddler activities that are sure to bring some little smiles to the faces of your children and their new friends.

1. Fun With Bubbles

Bubbles can be one of the most fun and exciting toddler activities for children of this age. They have the chance to create their own and watch them fly away into the distance. Bubble activities also introduce your children to science, and the nature of floating objects. Bring with you a wand and some formula for your toddlers to have unlimited fun.

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2. Sing Together

Creating music is a great way to stimulate your child’s creative senses, and singing together allows you to teach your toddler songs as you instill in them a love for music. And if you start with the alphabet song, you can get a head start on teaching them how to read!

3. Let’s Count!

Many children of this age are just learning how to count to different numbers. To incorporate counting into playtime, bring some fun items like blocks or stuffed animals and have your toddlers count each one together. Or make a game of it: see how high they can count, or who can count the fastest!

4. Colors of the World

If your child loves colors, playtime is a great way to get some practice. If they have toys, encourage them to describe each toy by its color, and recite them to each other. Try to teach them some colors they don’t know for a fun and educational playgroup activity.

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5. Group Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are always fun, but how often does your toddler get to do them with their young friends? Bring some supplies to their next group date, and encourage the children to work together and create a collective masterpiece. They can use colored pencils, watercolors, markers, or anything else you want.

6. Bake Cookies Together

Most toddlers love cookies, but few have ever had the chance to make them. Allow your toddlers to mix and stir the ingredients for your next batch of cookies, and monitor them closely as they follow your instructions. Leave any difficult tasks up to you, and let them enjoy their rewards as you open the oven to a delicious pan of treats!

7. Read Stories

Many toddlers are used to being read to before bed, and story time is a great way for the young ones to listen to an adult voice read tales of adventure and excitement. During your toddler’s next play group, sit everyone down in a circle with a snack, and read them a story that they will love – and don’t get upset if you read them to sleep!

Fun With Little Ones

A toddler playgroup is a great way for your youngster to explore different activities as they work with other children. For your child’s next group, try using one or all of these seven toddler activities for your child to have some fun as they make friends their own age.


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