6 Ways to Play Make Believe With Your Kids

Watch your kids for a day: see how they spend time talking to people and creatures that are invisible to the rest of the world? You may shrug it off as your children simply passing time alone, but it’s much more than that – playing pretend or make believe has been shown to stimulate your children’s minds, making them more creative and successful once they finally reach the classroom.

But this make believe activity doesn’t always have to be a solo endeavor – you can get in on the pretend fun as well during playtime! Here are six ways that you can spend time with your children getting lost in your own little world.

1. Running Errands Together

No one likes running errands, but it has to get done, right? So instead of having another boring trip with your children, turn it into a make believe adventure. You can choose a scenario, such as a trip to the moon, African safari, or even ocean exploration – and get ready to live it out as you make this everyday trip the adventure of a lifetime.

2. Describing a Pretend Friend

At some point in time, most children develop imaginary friends that follow them around wherever they go. And while you may not be able to see this new addition, you can help stimulate your child’s imagination by playing along. When they begin playing with their friend, as your kid to describe him or her. Making the play friend a tangible human can help your child further develop their creative instincts.

3. Doing Chores at Home

Like most youngsters, your children probably aren’t too excited about the prospect of doing chores at home. So instead of hearing them complain, turn each activity into a fun pretend game. If you are raking the back yard, pretend that you are collecting gold in the mountains; if you are cleaning the house, pretend that it is a space ship that has to be spotless before it can launch. Turning each monotonous activity into playtime fun can make the whole day exciting.

4. Be a Sports Star

Playing make believe during sports practice can be loads of fun for the whole family. Head out to the backyard with your child, bring your ball of choice, and take on the persona of a professional sports star. You can pretend you are in a large stadium, and that you are playing for the championship – and watch as your child jumps for joy!

5. Dinner with the Family

Pretend fun doesn’t have to end once playtime is over. When you sit down for dinner, spice things up by pretending that you are eating exotic foods from around the world. You can each name a strange dish that is in front of you, or create fun and exciting things to make dinner time a make believe adventure.

6. Pretend Before Bed

Sometimes children just don’t want to settle down for bed. You can put them down, but they stay awake as their minds race over events through the day.

But if you want to calm them down, pretend together about all of the wonderful things you will do once they wake up. This can be anything from fly across the country, ride elephants, swim with dolphins, or other fantastic prospects. Let you child’s imagination run wild, and watch as this stimulus puts them right to sleep.

Playing Pretend as a Family

Playing make believe with your beloved children can be a great way to spend time together as you fuel their creative interests. So the next chance you get, start pretending with your child to get lost in your own wonderful imaginations!


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