Playhouse Fun!

Summer is the perfect season to spend some time with your kids playing make believe and pretend. You can run around outdoors together on a mythical adventure, or go on indoor science excursions that take you through the unexplored caverns of your own home – it’s truly up to your child’s imagination!

And if you are ready for some make believe fun, it’s time for you to set up a kid’s play tent that can be the start of your adventures. Don’t worry – the perfect items are now here in which your child can hideout and spend hours with their own imagination.

Castle for a Princess

Every little girl loves to feel like a princess, and now there is a new toy that can help contribute to this feeling of royalty. The Caro-lini Play Tent is a beautiful kid’s play tent that your little daughter will embrace as her new home. You can set it up anywhere inside your home, and designate it as your daughter’s special place for her royal business.

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This kid’s play tent is sewn together to look like a princess’ castle, and comes embroidered with remarkable details. And don’t worry about a big construction project – this kid’s toy can be folded and unfolded with remarkable easy. Make your daughter feel like a princess by putting her in her own royal castle.

Hideout for a Pirate

Like any young boy, your son is sure to be fascinated by the lives of pirates on the high seas. And if he likes to play make believe, add a new element of fun into the game by getting him his own pirate’s hideout. The Pirate’s Treasure Play Tent is the perfect kid’s toy for any adventurous boy, andw ill make your son feel as if he is in his own personal treasure cave. It looks like an aquatic hideout, and it is a great place to help your child plan their next journey at sea.

And just like the princess’ castle, this fun kid’s play tent is just as easy to fold up and put away when not in use. Send your son onto the pretend seas in style, and get him a play tent in which he can count his treasure.

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Time to Play Together

Once you have a play tent set up for your child, it is time for you to spend some time together having a make believe adventure. Ask permission to enter their new tent, and let them dictate the rules of the game that you are to play. If your daughter wants to be a princess, suggest that you are her royal companion who will take her wherever she wants to go. Or if your son is the captain of the ship, act like his first mate and help him on any of his pretend adventures.

Just remember – the most important thing is that you have fun and use your imagination!

A Place to Pretend

Make sure that your child has a place to spend with their own imagination this summer. Set up one of these great play tents, and watch as they spend hours in there on an adventure of their own.


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