10 Ideas for Playtime

Are you looking for a few more fun ideas to add to the mix during playtime for your kids? Don’t worry; instead, try these ten fun ideas for playtime that your little ones are sure to love!

1. Nature Walk

As the weather starts to warm up, head outside with your little ones and their friends and host a nature walk. You can walk through a park, forest, or anywhere else in nature, and point out all of the fascinating things you can find. Make sure to stay alert for animal tracks, insects, birds, and even more hidden things such as interesting patterns on rocks and colorful plants in the ground.

2. Try a New Game

This week, consider playing a new game with your little ones and their friends. And if you need something the kids will love, grab the Bear in Underwear Matching Game . This exciting game for playtime is perfect for kids ages three and up who love animals and who can match basic patterns.

3. Learn a New Sport

Playtime is the perfect time to teach your child the basics of a new sport. Grab a soccer ball, baseball bat, or hockey stick, and get ready to play!

4. Work on Math Games

Math doesn’t have to be a subject that kids only tackle in the classroom. Instead, starting working on this complex subject early by beginning with basic counting games, and progressing to adding, subtracting, multiplication, and even simple division.

5. Paint a Family Portrait

if you have some kids’ arts and crafts supplies lying around the house, consider taking some time this week during playtime to have your little ones paint a portrait of you and the rest of the family.

6. Create a New Game

Have you already exhausted all of the games and activities that you have in your own home? Grab some poster board, a few colored pencils, and your imagination, and sit down together to create a new board game. You can be as creative as you want when thinking up rules, and when fashioning your very own game pieces.

7. Make a New Language

If your child is already talking in full sentences, try out creating a new language one afternoon in playtime. You can keep it simple by only making up new words for nouns, or even invent your own set of grammar rules, as well.

8. Build a Small House

With a few simple materials and some arts and crafts supplies, you and your child can create a tiny house. Using glue, popsicle sticks, and colored pencils or paints, you can construct a mini cabin during playtime together.

9. Find a Retro Toy

Do you still have any of the old toys you used to play with when you were a child? If so, pull them out during playtime this week and let your child have some fun with a retro activity for kids.

10. Bake Cookies (or other fun treats)

If your children haven’t yet had a chance to try their hands in the kitchen, mix some cookie dough and bake cookies, an activity that can help bring you together while teaching your little one an important skill

Playtime Ideas

Are you looking for a few ideas and games for playtime? Try these ten simple ideas and have some fun with your kids.


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