5 Ways to Prepare Your Child For Preschool

Going to preschool can be an exciting and terrifying time in the life of any youngster. It is most likely the first time that your child will be spending the day in a classroom of his or her peers, and it is natural for them to have worries or concerns about leaving home – and it’s certainly normal for you to have those too!

So if you have a little one who will be starting preschool this fall, here are five ways you can prepare them (and you!) for a fun and educational year in the classroom.

1. Pretend Together

Since preschool will be the first time your child will encounter classroom life, it is also most likely the first experience they will have with classroom rules and etiquette. Instead of sending your child in unaware, prepare them by having pretend sessions together where you play the roles of teacher and student. Encourage them to raise their hands if they have a question, have circle time together, and stick to a regular daily routine – these small daily activities will get them ready for the real thing at school.

2. Learning Little Tasks

Preschool is often the first time that many toddlers are required to do basic chores for themselves – this can include unzipping and hanging up a coat, tying shoes, or hanging up a backpack. If you normally do these activities for your child, slowly push them towards independence in their routine. You can do this by making a game out of these tasks – a race to unzip your coat, hanging up a backpack with your eyes clothes, etc. These skills will be invaluable for your toddler on the first day of school.

3. Take a Tour Together

If your child is worried about their new experience, ease their fears by traveling to the school before the year starts and taking a tour of the facilities together. You can show them their new classroom, and explain to them that it will be a fun and exciting time without mom or dad. The visual association will give them something concrete to look forward to when the year begins.

4. Buy and Label School Supplies

One of the most exciting parts of going to school for any children is the back to school shopping. Before the school year begins, each child is allowed to travel through the aisles of a store, picking up different colorful items that they will use over the course of the year. Go back to school shopping with your child to ease their worries, and label all of their new items so that your child knows that each thing belongs to them.

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5. Talk About It

One of the best ways to ease fears and worries about the upcoming school year is by discussing them together. If your child is displaying concerns, talk to them and emphasize the fact they preschool will be a fun new adventure. Try to notice nonverbal cues such as your child clinging to you or becoming withdrawn, and continue to find ways to ease their worries.

First Day of School!

As the first day of school comes around, wake up early, make breakfast, and sit down for a meal together. When it’s time to leave, continue encouraging your child as you take them to school for the next big adventure of their lifetime!


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