6 Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids

A rainy day can put a serious damper on an otherwise fun summer day. From hanging out by the pool, to going for a bike ride, to even playing in the backyard with friends, there are plenty of rainy day activities that are stopped short by a downpour.

But that doesn’t mean the fun has to end, even if you’re stuck indoors. Here are six fun rainy day activities that will help your kids stay dry and have some fun.

1. Indoor Snorkel Lessons

Often times children become fascinated by the water when they see it pouring from the sky – you don’t want to let them head outdoors though, for fear of illness from a compromised immune system.

So instead of letting them play beneath the sky, setup an indoor snorkel lesson in the bathroom tub. Fill the tub with water and place a few of their toys at the bottom. Then get them a small snorkel and a mask, and have them dive for treasure from the comfort of your own home!

2. Camp on the Inside

Summer can be a great time for a camping trip, but setting up a tent during a rainstorm can be a dangerous endeavor. So instead of taking that risk, keep yourself out of harm’s way but setting up a tent with your children in the inside of your house. You can turn off the lights to play with shadow puppets, you can trade ghost stories, and you can even head to the kitchen to melt marshmallows – in the microwave, of course!

3. Paint the Rain

Kids arts and crafts activities are always a great way to keep entertained, and during a rainstorm they can be a great way to beat the boredom. Pull out some large poster paper and watercolors or other paints, and have your child draw whatever they desire.

For a bit of added fun, try having your children use the Layered Wax Drawing Kit, a great kids arts and crafts set. This fun and easy to use kit teaches children how to make encaustic art. They simply draw anything they’d like on a wooden frame and place it in the oven to create their very own wax art. They can paint what they’d like, or you can have them use the Layered Wax Drawing Kit to draw a rainy day scene for some memorabilia of your great day together.

4. Dig the Rain Away

This is a great activity to perform in a wide-open living room. Get a large bucket, or even a plastic storage bin, and fill it with sand. As you pour the sand, place a few sandbox toys beneath the surface to ensure they are hidden. Place a blanket under the bucket, and bring your children to your new, makeshift sandbox.

The size of the plastic bucket will allow them to dig for a while to find their treasure, and the sand will keep them busy for hours. And the blanket will catch almost all of the runaway sand for an easy cleanup at the end of the day.

5. Kitchen to the Rescue

If your children are stuck indoors all day due to inclement weather, why not ask for a helping hand in the kitchen and cook together as a family. But instead of just sticking to regular food for lunch or dinner, get creative with items they’ll love to sample when finished. This can include homemade cookies, brownies, fruit salads, or anything that will provide a hands-on activity to make. They’ll feel accomplished at the end of the process, and will leave the kitchen full and happy.

6. Play in the…Rain!

During a rainstorm, one of the most fun ways to pass the time is by playing outside. Your children can search for worms, jump in puddles, or just run about in the wetness as they explore the world during a storm.7

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If you choose this activity, though, be sure to take certain precautions before heading outdoors. Make sure that no thunder is present, have your children wear adequate rain gear and umbrellas, and monitor your children at all times to ensure they’re having a fun and safe day under the clouds.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

A rainy day can be a pain, but it doesn’t always put an end to fun. Try out some of these rainy day activities with your children during the next rainy day to have some fun, and pass the time until the sun comes out again.


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