10 Road Trip Games for the Whole Family to Play

The summer season is the perfect time to take a road trip with the whole family. But unless you pack plenty of family-friendly road trip games for everyone to enjoy, you may struggle to entertain the kids throughout the entire trip. To save you some time, here are ten road trip games to guarantee an excellent vacation for everyone.

1. Spot the License Plate

This great kids game is a classic favorite of many. Have the kids watch the license plates that pass by, or that move along in front of you. See how many states you can witness throughout the trip. If only your state’s plates are in view, try with a different attribute, like car colors or shapes.

2. The Alphabet Game

This kids game works great if you drive in traffic or through cities. Starting at A, have the children look around and see if they can spot the letter someone in their surroundings. Have them move down the alphabet until they get stuck. Good luck with Q!

3. I Spy

This fun family game works best with a group of observant riders. Have one child start by picking out something they see in their surroundings, and not telling anyone. Then, ask general questions about the object until one person finally guesses what is on their mind.

4. Name that Song on the Radio

If you have the radio playing, or if your children are in control of what music gets to be played, add a fun family game to help pass the time. Have one child put on one of their favorite songs. Then, try to guess which song is on as quickly as possible, before the lyrics begin.

5. Count What You Can

Sitting in the car can get tedious, so change things up a bit by having the little ones count whatever they can see. This can include counting the cows, other animals, or even cars that pass by. This simple family game lets your children work on their counting skills while you head on vacation.

6. Where in the world?

A road trip is the perfect time to teach your children a little bit about the world around them. Start by naming a few of the states in the country. Then, add a twist by naming cities within that state. If your children are already geography masters, turn it up a notch by teaching them countries throughout the entire world.

7. Rock, Paper, Scissors

This timeless classic can be a savior on any long road trip. Teach your children the basics, and spend a few minutes shaking your hands at one another.

8. A is for…B is for…

This second alphabet game will help your children work on their spelling. Go in a circle, and have each player name a letter, as well as what word starts with that. You can pick an animal theme or food theme for extra fun.

9. Tell a Story

Get the creative juices flowing by telling a story together as a family. Pick out different characters, add plot twists, and see how long you can go before writing an ending!

10. Find It…

If you want a game to keep your children’s attention for awhile, this one’s for you. Pick something that you may think you will see when traveling along the road (this could be a mountain, a cow, or anything else in the surroundings). Then, ask your children to find that thing specifically. This will keep your kids staring out the window in hopes of being the first to spot it.

Hit the Road!

Don’t stay cooped up indoors this summer. Instead, take these ten fun games for kids on the road and have an adventure as a family!


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