Round and Round the Little Train Goes

Train toys are a timeless favorite of kids around the country. Playing with a toy train gives a child the ability to control their very own locomotive, and in some cases even lets them design a track to carry the freight. These fun train sets can be a fun introduction to the world of engines and motion, and may even be an inspiration that gets your little one interested in other areas of science and engineering.

Here at Imagine Toys®, we believe in providing your children with both fun and educational toys that will keep their attention for ours, and that will inspire them to learn for years to come. And if you want the perfect train toy that your child will never get tired of, then it may be time to pick up the new Choo Choo Loop to chug around your house.

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Train Set from Imagine Toys® Never Stops Moving

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could create a train that never stopped moving and that would keep your child entertained for hours?

That was the question we asked ourselves before we created the new Choo Choo Loop toy train for kids. This perpetually moving toddler toy will keep your little one’s attention as it keeps on moving forever. This fun new toddler toy is more than just a brightly-colored toy train that you can find in toy stores throughout the country. Instead, this baby toy train runs on a track of its very own; but with a twist! If you put the track in the full loop, the train will continue running throughout the house until you stop it yourself, or until the batteries finally run out (you will have to pick up batteries on your own; they’re not included with the toy). Or, if you unloop the train track and have it lie flat, the train will continue in one direction until it hits the stop, at which point it will reverse automatically – and it will continue in this pattern until you put it away for the day.

Push the Train Along to Make Your Own Fun

Of course, it can be great fun for your child to watch the train move along in its battery-operated fashion. But after awhile, this may leave them slightly bored, instead wishing for a way that they could get involved in the action.

We thought of this too, which is why the new Choo Choo Loop baby toy can also be taken off of the track and used as a traditional push toy around the house. Your toddler can grasp it in their hands, and make it chug along on their own wherever they would like to go. This form of active play will put them in charge of the motion, and make them the conductor of their very own freight train.

All Aboard the Choo Choo Train!

Kids of all ages love playing with train sets around the house. So surprise your little one this year with a great new toy train that will chug around wherever they want to go.


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