DIY Slime: Colorful, Gooey & Safe for Kid Playtime

Safe Homemade DIY Slime for Kids

Regardless of their age, children across the nation are often intrigued and excited about the idea of playing with slime. They may see the gooey stuff come gushing into a set on a TV show, or hear stories of their friends playing with the homemade goop, and instantaneously wish to participate in the fun.

Of course, before you let your kids play with slime, it’s important to ask a few questions. Most importantly, perhaps, what is slime? Is it safe? And can I make it at home?

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers. Instead, read through this brief primer, which includes a recipe to make safe homemade slime for kids, and get ready to have a blast with your little ones.

What is Slime?

What exactly is slime, anyway? Ultimately, slime is any gooey, goopy, often-green substance that is amorphous and moves about like molasses. Imagine monsters with goop dripping off of their bodies, or radioactive green liquid dripping into a sewer in any number of kids’ cartoons; these are all excellent examples of slime. To be sure, there is no one specific definition of slime; instead, kids see it as a crazy, gooey substance that can present tons of fun.

Is Slime Safe?

So, if slime is a liquid spilling into a sewer, or goop coming off of a monster, is it really safe? Of course, while there are likely plenty of types of slime that are unsafe for kids (read: any radioactive liquid), it is possible to make slime at home using nothing but non-toxic ingredients. And premade slime is available in stores of course.

However, it is important to realize that not all slime manufacturers make a slime that is free from toxic substances. While it may not cause any harm if it comes into contact with your children’s skin, it may lead to stomach problems if they decide to sneak a taste, which is not unlike most kids.

To ensure your kids are safe and tummyache-free when playing with slime, don’t rely on anything premade from the store. Instead, try using this simple, at-home DIY kids’ slime recipe that’s non-toxic, non-harmful, and will provide you with plenty of goop to play with.

DIY Slime for Kids

For the slime, you will need the fiber supplement Metamucil, as well as Kool-Aid packets and water. In addition, make sure the Metamucil contains psyllium, which will help provide for the gooey texture of the slime.

To begin, combine a tablespoon of the Metamucil with a cup of water. Add to this mixture a few drops of food coloring, or half of the packet of Kool-Aid to provide for a delicious taste. Stir everything together in a bowl, and then place the bowl in the microwave for approximately two minutes, or until you see bubbles. Once the mixture begins to bubble, continue to heat it for an additional minute, and then remove it from the microwave.

Stir the mixture again for a short period of time, and then microwave it again, on high, for another two minutes. Once it is finished, remove the mixture and let it cool. Here, while it is hot, it may be entirely liquid; however, as it begins to cool, it will adopt a gooey, more gelatinous texture, and will be ready to be used during playtime.

A Few Things to Consider

Once you have finished using this recipe, you will now have access to incredibly life-life slime that your kids will love to use during playtime. However, before you let them dig in and have fun, make sure to follow a few considerations beforehand.

First, once you take the mixture out of the microwave, you may find that the outside cools quickly; however, even if the outside is cold, the inside core may still be piping hot. As such, make sure that the inside has cooled enough before placing it in the hands of your little ones.

In addition, while this slime recipe creates perfectly safe and non-toxic slime, it is not meant to be consumed entirely by your children. While one small taste here or there is fine by the most curious child, make sure your little ones don’t eat anymore. Fortunately, however, the smell and taste shouldn’t be too enticing to your kids, so that may not be an issue for some families.

Have Fun with DIY Slime for Kids

Are you looking for an exciting and interactive project that you can try at home and that will yield a bowl full of gooey slime? If so, follow these tips and try this fun DIY slime for kids recipe and get ready to have a blast!

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