High-Flying Fun With Toy Rockets

The realm of outer space provides children with fun and exciting ideas about what remains above our planet Earth. From distant planets, to brilliant stars, to even moons that move in orbit, the universe is an incredible concept to a young child.

And to any aspiring astronaut, the most incredible thing of all is the rocket that takes individuals above the clouds to explore the world beyond. If your child looks up in wonder, here are some ways you can use your own rocket to search the skies and beyond.

Rockets at Night

There is no better time than at night to play with rockets, especially when the stars are at their brightest. The next time you and your children head out for a night of fun in the backyard, bring with you the Skylight Rocket to send a rocket into space. This great kids toy includes two light-up rockets that can be launched into the night sky. The rockets flash blue and red and can be seen from a distance. The rockets are also attached to an air pump, and can be shot above simply by jumping on the bladder of air.

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This great kids toy also comes with three non-lighting rockets and can be used for daytime fun as well. This is a great way for younger children to use their imaginations and send their own rocket into the wonders of space.

Real Rockets

If your child loves to learn about space and beyond, and would like to find a rocket that reaches as high as the clouds above, consider helping them build their own rocket with a kids model rocket kit. Most model rocket sets come with full instructions on how to assemble the rocket, as well as a detailed explanation of the necessary steps.

The setup of a model rocket is very simple, but an adult should only handle the launch. Because launching the model rocket involves the use of an engine, an electrical connection, and an ignitor, it is something that should never be attempted by a child without full adult supervision. Educate your child on this strict rule before playing together with a model rocket.

Using a model rocket is a great way to see your own creation fly into the sky above, and feel like an astronaut as it explores the world above the clouds.

Head to the Museum

While playing with rockets is fun, it can be just as exciting for your child to experience the look and feel of a rocket up close. Head to the nearest science or space museum, or even the planetarium, and ask about their exhibits on space exploration. Many museums in larger areas will have remnants of spacecraft, or even fully disassembled rockets for children to view. Take your child through the spaceship and show them all of the exciting things aboard. This is a great way for your child to explore the wonderful life of an astronaut.

Rockets Away!

As your child looks towards the sky, they will be in constant amazement over all of the fun and exciting things that remain above. Try these fun rocket activities to search the skies together, and to send your own rocket into the world beyond.


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