Keep Some Sanity in Your Spring Break Road Trip

Let’s face it: while the idea of a Spring Break road trip may sound like the ideal vacation, planning out the logistics and making it happen can be a lot more difficult than expected. And with this, keeping the kids calm and entertained while inside of the car is never easy, with the notion of turning the car around always present in your mind.

This year though, don’t let a few bumps in the road ruin a perfectly good family vacation. Just try these easy tips to keep calm and get wherever you want to go with the kids:

Games, Games, and More Games

Though you may love to stare out into nature and ponder life, your children are more likely to bore easily, which can be a terror you may not want to face. To keep your children on track then, make sure you bring as many kids toys and games as you think necessary.

And for a great kids toy game option, try the XO Tablet. This interactive and exciting kids tablet computer contains over 100 different apps, all of which are strictly geared towards children. Additionally, nearly all of the applications on this kids tablet contain an educational component, helping your children learn about a variety of things while on the road together.

Regular Breaks

To most adults, sitting through a three- or four-hour leg of a car trip may seem unpleasant, but entirely possible without taking any breaks. To a child though, this amount of time without being able to use the bathroom, walk around, or even stand up safely can seem like an endless eternity, and may lead your little ones to throw tantrums after even an hour or so.

To prevent the onset of complaining or crying then, make sure to plan for regular breaks along the way to split up legs of the journey. Even if you are simply stopping to see a small site, or taking a break to check out a quaint little diner, this quick interjection can keep everyone feeling sane as you continue down the path.

Maintain Real Expectations

From east to west, the United States of America is rife with a variety of national parks and treasures, many of which are easily accessible by motor vehicles. Some might be right next store, and others may be located across the country from your home, and may take exorbitant amounts of travel time to reach.

Of course, it may sound nice to see some of the most remote locations by car, but doing so might not be the first choice of your children, and may actually lead to a miserable experience for everyone involved. To ensure that everyone has a great time, pick a place everyone wants to see, and make sure that you will be spending as little time in the car as possible. More time in the great outdoors often equates to a wonderful bonding experience for the whole family.

Hit the Road

This Spring Break, try something new by heading on a road trip with the kids. And to keep everyone sane and happy, use these few tips to have the experience of a lifetime.


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