Star Gaze at the Summer Night Sky

The summer season is the perfect time to head outdoors with the children at night and stare at the stars above. The grass often provides a cool relief from the scorching temperatures, and on a clear night you can stay out in the backyard for hours and look at all of the tiny dots in the sky. Stargazing is a fun and interactive family activity, and even gives you a chance to teach your children a bit about astronomy and basic science.

And this summer, if you want to be able to take a closer look at all of the stars in the sky, turn to Imagine Toys® today. We now offer a fun new telescope science kit for kids that will let them gaze into the distance, and learn all about what is up there above.

Stare Up at the Summer Sky – What Do You See?

The night sky in the summer holds so many mysteries that are invisible to the naked eye. But with the new Nancy B’s Moonscope, your little ones can get up close and personal with all of the celestial bodies above. This fun new science kit for kids comes with a telescope through which they can examine all of the planets, stars, and anything else that may be shining brightly in the sky. Beyond that though, this great science kit for kids also comes with a plethora of other educational activities that your child will love to try out during the summer. With this stargazing kit your kids can learn about the different phases of the moon, discover the existence of the “man in the moon,” and even write a moon myth that they can share with the rest of the family. This fun new stargazing telescope is the perfect toy to add a bit of education into the long summer nights that families enjoying spending together.

Nancy B's Moonscope available at

Learning About the Wonders Above

Many children enjoy using telescopes and love staring at the stars above. But if your child truly enjoys basic astronomy and stargazing at the night sky, consider having them pursue this interest further by enrolling them in science clubs or science camps outside of school. Often local universities or municipal governments will host science exploration and discovery camps for kids during the summer months, which may include week long sessions learning about the stars, the planets, and other basic wonders of astronomy.

Additionally, if your child is already in school, then there may be other science-related activities or organizations available to them inside or outside of the classroom. Speak to their teacher when school starts again in the fall to find out if there are any further opportunities available to your little ones.

Stargazing with the Family on a Warm Summer Night

Few things are more enjoyable than lying down on grass and staring up at the sky on a summer night. And if you want to add some extra educational activities as well, make sure to bring home this new science kit and stargaze with the whole family!


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