Summer Fun in the Sun

As the summer finally rolls around, most parents can’t wait to head outside with their children to enjoy some playtime fun while basking in the warm rays of the sun. But to make sure that everyone stays safe and has a great time, it’s important to start out the summer with a few fun outdoor play activities that will allow you to supervise the kids as they spend time outdoors. For a blast this summer, try these great outdoor play activities and outdoor toys when the temperatures start to rise:

Had a banana split lately?

If you have a few extra bananas lying around the house, considering taking some time one summer day to indulge in a delicious treat by making banana splits with the kids. For a tasty banana split, all you need is a banana and vanilla ice cream, as well as any toppings that you may want to add (chocolate sauce, nuts, and cherries are often some of the most favorite).

If you would rather avoid all of the sugar, instead opt for bananas and frozen plain yogurt, a dessert that mimics the texture of ice cream, but won’t cause your little ones to crash hours after eating.

Sidewalk Chalk in the Sun

If you have a driveway, or even just a strip of road out front of your house, grab some sidewalk chalk this summer and let your kids try out their arts and crafts skills under the sun. And if you don’t yet have a sidewalk chalk set, bring home the Animal Fun Outdoor Mandala for the little ones to play with this year. This great new outdoor toy comes with a giant mandala stencil and six different colored chalks, and will give the kids everything they need to create beautiful pieces of art before they come in for the day.

Animal Fun Outdoor Mandala from

Try a Scavenger Hunt

If your little ones have adventurous spirits, take a day this summer to go on a scavenger hunt as a family. To start, write down a list of ten things you want to find in nature (this could include pine cones, different types of bugs, special leaves, or even animals that you spot in the wild). Then, find a local trail that you can hike on for the afternoon. In teams, try to either gather everything that you can that’s on the list, or take pictures of whatever you can for records. This activity will help you bond as a family while spending time in the great outdoors.

Learn How to Swim

The local swimming pool is a summer favorite for many families. But on top of being a great place to beat the heat, the swimming pool is the perfect location to teach your kids how to swim, an activity that can help them develop coordination skills, as well as get some exercise throughout the summer.

Have a Blast This Summer!

Summertime is one of the most fun seasons to spend outside with the little ones. And to make sure you have a blast this year, try out these few fun outdoor activities that will provide endless fun for the whole family.


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