10 Summer Minute to Win it Games

The warm weather is here, the kids are out of school, and it is time to start enjoying your summer together as a family. And to get started on the fun with a few fast-paced games, we decided to compile a list of 10 minute to win it summer games that will keep everyone on their toes. Try these out with the kids when you get a chance:

1. Simple Math

Don’t let education fall by the wayside with this summer game. Give your child a very simple math problem, and give them 30-60 seconds to complete it. Give them another one, and keep on going until the time isn’t enough.

2. 60-Second Story

For this fun game, give everyone a pad and paper (or pair off into groups), and set a timer for 60 seconds. Start writing a story, and see who can craft the most in-depth and creative tale in a single minute.

3. Minute Obstacle Course

For this minute to win it summer game, set up a short obstacle course in the backyard, one that the kids can complete in 60 seconds. Each time they do, add an additional obstacle to make it a little harder every time. See how long they can last!

4. Fast-Paced Art Project

Similar to the story game, give your kids a few arts and crafts supplies, and allow them 60 seconds to create the wildest picture they can imagine. Encourage them to draw anything that comes into their imaginations.

5. Popcorn Catch

For this great game for kids, pop some popcorn (or you can use mini marshmallows, instead), and place it in a bowl. Then, see how many pieces of popcorn or mini marshmallows one child can catch in their mouth in under 60 seconds.

6. Guess the Picture?

This great party game gives you a chance to bond with the family. Have one person think of something in their head. Then, give them 60 seconds to draw it on a poster board, with the family trying to guess the drawing the entire time. The artist will have to get creative!

7. Race with the Egg

This classic backyard game is still fun, even to this day. Bring a few eggs out to the backyard, along with large metal spoons. Starting at one end of the yard, see who can carry the egg in the spoon fastest across without dropping it on the ground. This one can get messy!

8. Telephone

This game for kids works best with a large group of players. Sit down in a circle, and have one person whisper a word in the ear of the player to the left; and so on. When it gets back to the original person, see how distorted the word gets!

9. Fun Family Interview

How much do you think you know about your family members? For this game, take 60 seconds to interview each family member (ensure them to be as wild and crazy about their answers as possible though). You will be surprised by how much you learn about those in your house!

10. Indoor Scavenger Hunt

For this fast-paced game, hide a few things in your house for your kids to find (for example, shiny pennies or nickels, toys, or small favorite items). Write down a list of what you hid, and send them off on an indoor scavenger hunt.

Fast Fun for the Whole Family

The summer is much more fun with a few family games for everyone to enjoy. For a blast this season, try these 10 fast-paced games for kids that you can play as a family.


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