Superhero to Save the Day!

Superheroes are some of our society’s most lovable characters. From beings from another planet with superhuman strength, to unassuming newspaper reporters with animal abilities, superheroes can help children understand the difference between good and evil, and right and wrong. And what could be more fun than dressing up your own youngster as a superhero and having them save the day? Here are a few costume and activity ideas to put your little hero to work:

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Super Hero Cape, Book and CD Set

This assembly of products carries everything your child needs to harness the superhero within. The book contains the story of the Super Zero crew, a group of kids and animals who use their super powers to solve real life problems. The CD contains music that your child can listen to while they immerse themselves in the world of superheroes.

Once they finish the CD and book, have them don the cape and start an adventure of their own. Try to teach them the importance of helping others in the process. If they have chores to complete, make them wear the cape while working to show them that being a superhero is less about having super powers, and more about being a good person and helping those around you.

From now on, let them wear the cape whenever they want, but be sure to tell them what Spiderman/Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben told him: “with great power comes great responsibility.”

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Make Your Own Shield Set

Often times superheroes are seen as violent characters that must resort to physical harm in order to save the world. To move away from this image, try building your children a tool that’s not used for harm, but instead for defense: a shield!

A shield can transform a regular day into an extraordinary one. With a little bit of imagination, your child can pretend they are on a mythical adventure, protecting those they love from harm’s way. With their shield, they can go anywhere with you knowing that they’ll be able to keep you safe.

Their new shield will transform them from ordinary kid into legendary superhero!

Create Your Own Costume

Every great superhero has a costume. From Superman’s distinctive “S”, to Batman’s black suit and cape, a superhero is best recognized by what they wear. So do the same for your child. Spending some time together to create a costume is not only a great way to spend family time, but also a way for your child to use their own ideas to help with their new costume.

Do they love the color green? Add green streaks to the top for recognition. Do they love animals? Have them draw on pictures of their favorite animal anywhere on the costume. And be sure to come up with a name together. And from now on, whenever your youngster demands to be referred to by their superhero name, make sure they understand that it’s their turn to save the day!

To the Rescue!

While superheroes come across comic books and movies in all too unrealistic ways, helping your children create a costume and a new identity will be a great way to show them that all you need to be a superhero is a cool costume, and a desire to help others.


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