Tea Time…One Lump or Two?

Although it may still sound cliché, the pretend play activity of ‘tea time’ still remains to be a favorite among little girls around the country. Having a make believe tea party gives your daughter the chance to get lost in her own imagination, and invite over a collection of her very best pretend play friends to eat and drink with her as they enjoy the company of one another.

Of course, to help her out with this timeless make believe activity for little girls, you could always provide her with a tea party set from your own set of dishes. But if you want to protect the china you keep in your cupboard, all while providing your daughter with a brand new kids tea set that she will love, consider getting her a new toy to help her throw a tea party today!

Set the Table for a Tea Party

In order for a make believe tea party to be perfect, it needs to come complete with a tea set that gives everyone the opportunity to sip on this delicious beverage. And of course, what is a true imaginative tea party without a few snacks to munch on over light conversation with your little girl?

To help her throw the party of the year then, all while giving her a new toy to show off to her closest friends, give her the To a Tea kids tea set today, and get ready for a bash. This fun little children’s tea set comes with tea cups for two people, saucers, spoons, and a tray on which everything can rest. Along with these wooden pieces, this children’s tea set also includes two delicious cakes, two puddings, two biscuits, two jelly rolls, and even two lollipops for those that love candy.

With this the entire kids tea set is colored in a beautiful pink and white design, making it the perfect new pretend play gift for the little girl in your life.

Pretend Play Helps Children Develop

Although children’s make believe play may seem simply like a way for kids to pass time and enjoy their hours alone, it can actually help their minds develop in a variety of ways. For one, pretend play allows your children to expand the capabilities of their imaginations, strengthening their creative capacities in all areas of life. With this, make believe play can actually help your children view the world from a removed lens, and may even give them an easier way to observe and manage problems or obstacles that they encounter on a daily basis. Additionally, if you engage in imaginative play with your little one, it will act as a great way for you to bond together over a light-hearted and fun playtime activity.

Have a Cup of Tea Today!

There is nothing better than a warm cup of tea to heat you up on a cold winter day. And this week, you can sit down to a steaming mug with the daughter you love and have a tea party for two!


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