7 Ways to Teach Your Kids About the Amazing Human Body

The human body is an incredible machine, and your child will come to realize this as they grow older. And as your child progresses, it is important to teach them about the body in order to make them feel comfortable in their own skin, and to introduce them to another fascinating part of cool science. So here are seven fun ways to teach your child about the body so they can learn about all of the cool things that are inside of us all.

1. The Head Bone’s Connected to the…

At a certain age, your child will begin to understand that their body is full of a variety of incredible bones that make up one of the sturdiest structures in the world. As they do, begin to teach them different names of the bones, by use of a clever song, or by simply showing them a basic diagram as an interesting and fun visual.

2. Fun With Food

One of the most fun senses to experiment with is taste – expect to eat a lot of food! Show your child how the wonderful sense of taste works by experiment with their tiny taste buds. Have them sample a variety of foods, and note all of the different tastes, textures, and shapes that they can feel in their mouth.

3. What’s That Smell?

Just like the experiment with taste, bring out different objects and foods that have pungent smells to the table. Have your child close their eyes, and describe the foods that lay on the table using only their budding sense of smell.

4. Body Discovery

A wonderful way to show your child the wild and weird world of the human body is by supplying them with a kids toy of their own that shows them everything inside. The Squishy Human Body is a cool science skeleton toy that lets your child search inside and play with small squishy organs. The miniature translucent body also comes complete with full representations of the vascular and muscular systems, and is a great kids toy that lets them dive in and have some fun with cool science.

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5. Touch and Feel

Teach your children about one of the most fascinating senses by playing a touch and feel game. Search out different textured objects or food, and have your child clothes their eyes and feel each one individually. Try having them use only their sense of touch to discover all of the wonderful things around them.

6. Compare With a Machine

Sometimes it can be tough for very small children to understand how the body works at a basic level. If your child needs a simple explanation, compare the workings of the body to that of a car – the heart is the engine, food is gasoline, skin is the shell of the car. Having an analogous representation of the human body that your child can see will help them further understand their inner workings.

7. Taking Care of Your Body

When teaching your child about the human body, it’s extremely important to include information on how to adequately take care of it. Take time to explain to your children how certain things can effect health (such as eating or spending time in the sun), and use examples of activities you do as a family, or foods you eat together, to help them understand completely. In doing so you will cause your children to fully understand the importance of the health of their bodies.

Inside the Human Body!

The human body can be a weird and wonderful world to explore for your children! Try these seven fun activities to spend time together as a family and learn about the most important things inside of us all.


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