Teach Kids How to Weave

As your child develops, it’s important to incorporate activities into their daily routine that will increase their hand-eye coordination. From writing with a pen, to catching a ball, many simple tasks require strong hand manipulation and healthy fine motor skills. Weaving, either with yarn or with other household materials, is a great option to help strengthen coordination between your child’s hands and eyes, and is a fun way to create something new. Here are a few simple steps to teach your child how to weave.

Start Simple

To first teach them how to weave, try this easy activity. For this, you’ll need an oven cooling rack and either some string or some pipe cleaners (your rack should have evenly spaced wires running parallel to each other).

To begin, first place the string or pipe cleaner over the first wire, and then under the second. Once again, place it over the third, under the fourth, and continue until you’ve reached the entire length of the rack. Have your child watch as you do this, and let them try for themselves once they understand the concept. Use different colored string or pipe cleaners to entertain them, and have them fill the entire rack if they can.

This is a great activity to help strengthen the muscles in their hand as well as develop hand-eye coordination.

Weave With Paper

Once your child understands the concept of weaving, have them move onto another fun and creative activity. For this, you will need construction paper in different colors and a pair of scissors – cut the construction paper into one-inch wide strips.

Begin by laying out flat eight strips of the same color. Once you’re finished, place eight strips of a different color perpendicular on top of the previous strips. Now, with one of the top strips, place the first part on top, and then slip it under the strip below. Place the next part above, and after that another piece below. You should begin to weave the top strips through the strips of paper below, creating a woven paper design.

Show your child your example, and have them follow suit by weaving as much as they can. If they finish quickly, cut out different colors to have them weave a colorful quilt of paper.

Hands-On Activities

Developing hand-eye coordination in your child is a great way to increase their fine motor skills and increase their physical capabilities. These great weaving activities will give them a new skill to create fun kids arts and crafts, and will keep them busy during a summer full of fun!


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