6 Ways to Teach Your Toddler About Their Little Bodies

As adults, it is entirely second nature for us to look at and automatically label parts of the body that we see, as we have been controlling our own already for years. But for your toddler, feeling and naming each piece of them is an exciting and new endeavor that you can easily transform into a few fun learning activities.

If your little one is just recently learning about the human body, try some of these learning activities and toddler games to help change the way they see themselves:

1. The Hokie Pokie

This tried-and-true favorite may seem a bit dated, but it is truly one of the best learning activities that teaches the basics of the human body. Set to a simple tune, toddlers must put their arms, feet, and even head forward and dance around. This is also a perfect game for toddlers to teach the difference between left and right.

2. Body Pictures in a Bag

To help facilitate your toddler’s understanding of their body, take individual pictures of their mouth, ears, nose, eyes, hair, and anything else that you would like. Once you have negatives (or digital copies), print the photos, label the body part with a marker, and place them in a photo album. Give the album to your toddler, and let them peruse through the pages, seeing their own reflection and learning about the body with this game for toddlers.

3. Simon Says

This is another easy toddler game that requires your child to know the body parts beforehand. You can say things such as, “Simon Says: point to your (insert body part),” and work on this each day so that your toddler remembers the parts of the body.

4. What Does This Do?

As your toddler grows, they will begin to understand the five different senses through all of their experiences. And while this is happening, you can use this fun learning activity to give them an understanding of their body.

Point to your eyes, ears, nose, or mouth, and ask your child what that part is for. If they answer correctly, then ask them what the part is called. Teaching your child to pair up separate body parts with their individual functions will quickly help them remember.

5. Draw a Body

This learning activity adds arts and crafts fun into the mix. Have your child draw a small picture of a person, and once they have completed the work, sit down with them to help them label the parts of the body.

Or, for a different toddler game, have your little one trace their hands or feet, and teach them smaller parts by labeling things such as “pinky finger” and “big toe.”

6. Use a Mirror

Children love to see themselves in a mirror, and using one in a learning activity can help facilitate the process. Head to the bathroom, stand behind your child, and stare at your reflections in the mirror. Point to specific spots on your child, and tell them the specific names of the body. Your toddler will be able to see it happening on themselves, and this toddler game will help them commit it to memory more easily.

Learn the Body with Your Toddler!

For any toddler, each day is an exciting new chance to learn about the different parts of the body. And with a few of these toddler games and learning activities, you can help your little one understand the body as you explore the world together!


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