And They All Fall Down

If you have a toddler at home, then you understand how important it is to supply them with interactive toys that both keep them busy, and help develop the skills they will need throughout life. And although there are so many toys available for kids that age, few ever seem to be the perfect choice for the little ones in your life.

At Imagine Toys® though, we think you should spend more time playing with your kids than searching around for the right types of toys. And because of this, we now offer a great new animal-inspired toddler toy that will bring excitement and education back into the playroom.

A Toddler Toy Domino Game

Do you remember how fun it used to be stacking dominoes in a line throughout the house, and watching as the fall of the first one led to an exciting chain-reaction? By simply tipping over the last domino in the row, you were able to watch as the entire line of blocks came tumbling over in an entertaining fashion.

And now, your toddler can enjoy the fun you experienced with domino games with the new set of Penguin Dominoes from Imagine Toys®. This great new toddler toy comes with 100 separate wooden pieces of all shapes and sizes, all following a penguin theme that your child is sure to love. Each of the pieces is painted with vivid color and ornate detail, and can be stacked up next to each other like any regular domino game. And when your toddler is ready, let them tip the first piece to watch the entire wooden toy come falling back down.

Domino Games Help Develop Dexterity and Other Skills

True, domino games may be one of the most fun types of toddler toys that you can use with your little one during playtime. But did you know that through all of the excitement, using dominoes will actually help strengthen your toddler’s dexterity, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and even spatial awareness abilities?

Because your toddler must grasp each piece delicately with their fingers, taking care not to spill the rest over, this will help them distinguish the importance of a gentle touch when playing with this wooden toy. Your child will also be forced to judge the distance between the dominoes in a row, enforcing a sense of spatial awareness in their minds. Dominoes are also great for coordination and motor skills, as by simply holding and placing these pieces your toddler will get stronger.

Finally, this wooden toy is also one of the easiest ways to teach your child the concept of cause and effect. Once you have the dominoes all in a row, tip the first one over, and have your toddler watch as the rest fall as well. This simple chain reaction will help them understand the causal relationship between things in the world.

Have Fun with this Wood Toy Today

Dominoes are educational, they help develop skills, and they are an extremely basic way to have tons of fun. So this week, take home this new wood toy for your toddler, and get ready to watch them all fall down!


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