20 Myths About Toys

Myths About Toys

Not all toys are the same, and not all are for kids of all ages. This week at Imagine Toys®, we wanted to help debunk a few myths about toys that persist to this day. Read on to learn some fun facts about toys for your little ones, and head to the Imagine Toys® online store and get something new today!

1. All Toys Are For All Ages

This is, perhaps, the most persistent myth about toys – that all toys are for kids of all ages. Of course, many toys come with a range of ages, but it is always important to make sure the toys you find will be right for your little ones.

2. All Toys Are Educational

Some toys, like the KEVA BrainBuilder set from Imagine Toys®, are extremely educational. That being said, many are designed strictly for fun, with no learning aspect involved.

3. All Toys Are Safe

Sadly, some manufacturers provide unsafe toys for kids. Check to make sure the toy company has a solid reputation before purchasing anything from their shelves.

4. Technology in Toys is Bad

Toys may utilize futuristic technology to help make them more realistic, or to help enhance an educational aspect, both of which can help your child’s development.

5. Technology in Toys is Good

On the other hand, technology in toys may detract from your child’s experience; make sure the toy is educational and interactive before bringing it home.

6. Toys Should Have Instructions

Many toys are best used without instructions, letting your kids get lost in their imaginations.

7. Instructions Should Be Avoided

Of course, depending on the type of toy, playtime may be enhanced if you thoroughly read the instructions.

8. Toys Are Only for Toddlers

While toddlers may love kids’ toys, many children, even into their young teen years, will still find benefits in various types of playsets.

9. Toys Must Have a Purpose

Some toys have an intended use, while others are designed specifically for children to utilize however they want.

10. Old Toys Have No Use

Just because a toy is old, does not mean it has no use; in fact, many of the toys you enjoyed as a child may be redesigned for little ones today.

11. Children Don’t Need New Toys

In contrast, new toy often utilize current technology, or are designed according to current norms, which may help your children prepare for the world of today.

12. All Great Toys Come from the Store

Can you not find the toy you want at a store? Instead of searching more, consider making it yourself at home with the kids.

13. The More Expensive, the Better

Not all great toys come with a high price tag; in fact, some of the best kids’ toys you can find in nature, and cost nothing at all!

14. All Kids Will Love All Toys

Just as adults have preferences about the things they use, not all children will enjoy all of the same toys.

15. Toys Aren’t for Babies

Some people believe that babies aren’t old enough to use toys. But this couldn’t be further from the truth; in fact, Imagine Toys® offers many toys for newborns and older.

16. Toys Are Only Fun

True, toys are fun, but many have an educational and interactive benefit as well that is extremely important for the development of children.

17. The Bigger, the Better

A bigger toy doesn’t necessarily mean better; many smaller toys are wonderful for children of all ages.

18. Toys Shouldn’t Involve Science

If your child loves science and learning, a science toy may only add to the excitement during playtime!

19. Toys Must Be Educational

Educational toys are wonderful; but some great toys may bypass the learning and be used solely for the purpose of fun.

20. New Toys Are Only for Holidays

In reality, there is no day better than today to pick out a new toy for your child. Head to the Imagine Toys® online store and grab a fun toy for the little ones you love!

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