Toy of the Week – Baby’s Handprint Kit

As you watch your newborn baby grown and explore the world around them, you are treated to an unlimited amount of new memories that you can treasure forever. But while these experiences may stay within your mind for you to cherish, it is equally important for you to create and gather physical representations of the beginning of your baby’s life.

Truthfully, we love to make memories just as much as you – which is why we have the perfect new baby craft for you and your little one to make childhood memories that will last a lifetime.

The Handprint of History

Looking back on our own days as children, it is almost impossible for us to imagine that we too were once that small, fragile, and dependent on others for nurturing and warmth. After all, we now have the blessing of taking care of another human being, one that now relies on us for everything they need.

There is no better time than now to capture part of beauty and magic that your little one possesses, and all you need is the Baby’sHandprint Kit to ensure lasting childhood memories for the whole family. This simple baby’s craft comes in a convenient metal tin, complete with everything you need to forge your own little baby’s memories. This baby handprint craft allows your little one to place their own hand within a mold of soft acrylic clay, and provides you with acrylic paints and brushes to decorate the newly crafted baby handprint.

Once you have finished this baby craft, you will have a beautiful little baby keepsake that you can share with your family and friends for years to come.

Baby’s Handprint to Decorate the House

With a newborn baby now in your home and in your life, it is important to outfit and decorate their bedroom and crib with toys and other items that are conducive to growth, development, and a happy childhood. And with this, as your baby grows older, it can also be enjoyable to sprinkle their surroundings with small relics of their childhood, keeping them around to continue this sense of innocence and love.

And for the perfect piece of baby crafts to ensure that your little one’s childhood memories will be eternal, bring home the Baby’s Handprint Kit to spend playtime together, both having fun with arts and crafts, and manufacturing a kids keepsake that can stay in your home for all time. This easy-to-use baby handprint kit is simple and convenient, yet allows you and your newborn to bond over this special process. And as your little one grows older over the years, you can use this exciting childhood memory to both show them how much they have grown, and remind them of the wonderful bond that you share together.

Make Memories This Season

Sharing your love and nurturing spirit with a newborn baby is one of the most wonderful experiences you may ever feel. And this week, make sure that feeling stays with you forever, and create your own baby’s memories with the new addition to your family.


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